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Student Employment

Campus Job #124 Chemistry

Job Title: 
Teaching Assistant
Supervisor / Contact person: 
Lisa Stowe
Phone Number: 
Science Building Room 302
Number of Students Needed: 
Hourly Pay Rate: 
$9.19 per hour
Hours Per Week: 
Scheduling Notes: 
Need 25-30 Students
Available to: 
Work-study preferred
Background Check: 
Background check
Essential Functions: 
Teaching assistants will promote a positive learning environment in the laboratory for students taking undergraduate chemistry courses. Duties will include supervising students to ensure a safe working environment, providing technical instruction on basic laboratory equipment, and grading lab reports and papers associated with the laboratory in accordance with the policies and procedures provided by the faculty lab instructor. Teaching assistants will also be required to meet with the faculty instructor each week for approximately one hour. Other duties may be required depending on the specific laboratory to which the TA is assigned.
Necessary Skills: 
Preference will be given to students who have completed the general chemistry series (at CWU these courses are Chem 181, 182, 183 and associated labs). First time teaching assistants must complete 2 credits of Chem 492: Laboratory Teaching Experience in Teaching Chemistry successfully before being eligible to be paid for this position. Teaching assistants must have demonstrated a mastery of the chemistry content used in the laboratory to which they are assigned and will be expected to prepare in advance for each experiment. They should have strong communication skills, demonstrate a professional and courteous demeanor, and have a desire to teach. Punctuality and the ability to follow through on instructions are also necessary.
Purpose of Position: 
To ensure a positive and safe learning environment in chemistry laboratories.
Educational Benefits: 
Teaching assistants will have chemistry concepts reinforced by having the experience of explaining laboratory techniques to others. They will learn appropriate grading practices and how to deal with all members of a diverse population. They will be a part of a team and will, therefore, learn skills necessary for working as a member of a team.
Qualified students should apply as soon as they are registered for the quarter they want to TA. Assignments are typically done prior to the first day of each quarter.

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