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Tuition and Fees for Online Students

Tuition and fees can vary from year to year, and in some cases, from quarter to quarter. All official tuition rates and fees for the academic year (fall, winter, & spring) are listed on the Registrar Services website. For Summer Session, official tuition rates and fees are posted on the Summer Session website.

Tuition and Mandatory Fees

Please be aware that there are two categories, in state residents and out of state residents for fall, winter, and spring. Summer quarter has one tuition rate for all students.

For students pursuing the Paramedicine program, see Paramedicine Program Costs

Quarterly Fees

Online students only pay the technology fee and student lobby fee during fall, winter, and spring.

During summer, online students pay the technology fee and the student services and activities fee.

Course Fees

Students should be aware that some courses have specific fees associated with enrollment in those courses. All online classes have $40.00 per course fee. The fee charged for all online courses provides funding to pay for technology licensing (learning management system, web-conferencing, plagiarism detection, streaming video, mobile applications), academic support services (library services, tutoring), and 24/7 technical support.

Other course fees can by found clicking here to visit the Registrar Services site.

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