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Student Achievement Outreach

Graduation Requirements

Following are the minimum requirements a student must satisfy to graduate from CWU.

• A minimum of 180 quarter credits with no more than 135 total transfer credits (90 semester credits).  Of the 135 total possible transfer credits no more than 105 can be from a community college. Additional coursework that exceeds this amount may be used to meet specific requirements, but additional credits will not be allowed to count toward the 180 credit requirement for graduation.
• A minimum of 60 upper-division credits (300-400 level) course work.
• Students must attend at least three quarters and earn a minimum of 45 credits from CWU.
• No more that 45 total quarter credits through CLEP or other sources of non-traditional credit may apply to graduation.
• A minimum of 10 credits in the major and, if a minor is declared, 10 credits in the minor.

Degree Components
• Complete the general education program or have an approved academic direct transfer associate or bachelor’s degree.
• Complete all major requirements.
• Completion of a minor is required when the major is less than 60 credits.
• World language requirement: students seeking the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree must complete one year college/university study of a single World language or have completed two years high school study of a single World language.
• All professional education programs require completion of professional education courses in addition to completion of the major requirements.

Scholastic Requirements
• A cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 (C) in courses taken at CWU.
• A major grade-point average of 2.25 in the major and 2.0 in the minor. Some majors may require a grade-point average higher than the university minimum of a 2.25.  All courses fulfilling the major and minor requirements, including courses accepted in transfer, are used in computing the major and minor GPA.
• Before a degree is awarded students must be in good academic standing and cannot be on academic suspension.

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