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Student Achievement Outreach

Getting Prepared for Your Major


To get prepared for your major you will want to do the following:

• Contact your major department to verify all of the admissions requirements for your major.  This information may be on the department web page.

• If you plan to transfer to CWU for your junior year make sure you have taken any required pre-admission courses before you come to CWU or verify that you can take them once you get to CWU so you don’t delay your time to degree.  To determine if you have taken or can take these courses at your current or previous school please look at CWU’s equivalency sheets.

• If you are transferring from a school that we do not have establish equivalency sheets for you will need to work with your major department to determine if any of your transfer course work will be used in the major.

• Determine if you need to be admitted into your department before you can take required major courses.

• Talk with your major department to determine the best quarter for you to begin at CWU.  For most majors you can transfer to CWU any quarter you want but some departments have course requirements that are very sequential and the sequence may only begin fall quarter. 

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