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Community College and University Transfer Guides

One of the biggest questions a transfer student has is how will my transfer credits be used to satisfy requirements at CWU.  To help answer this question CWU has established transfer equivalency guides for all in state community colleges and four year institutions.  To determine how your courses will transfer to CWU you need to look at the equivalency information for the year that you completed each individual course.

Washington state community college equivalency guides are divided into two sections.  One section lists how courses will be used to satisfy CWU’s general education requirements and the other is a direct course by course guide.  A course may be listed as satisfying a general education requirement even though it is not listed as having a direct equivalent course at CWU.  If you have a transferable AA degree you will only need to look at the course equivalencies sheet for your community college.

The four year institution equivalency guides are based solely on individual course equivalencies.  If you have to satisfy CWU’s general education program you will need to determine what your transfer courses are equivalent to and compare these courses to those that are used to satisfy CWU’s general education requirements. If you have a bachelor’s degree you have satisfied CWU’s general education program.

If you have taken courses from an out of state institution your courses will be evaluated by the Registrar’s office and your academic department to determine how they will be used to satisfy both CWU’s general education program and your major program.  As an out of state transfer student it is highly recommended that you contact the department that your intended major is in as early as possible to receive advising on how your transfer courses may be used.

As a final note, if your intended major is a Bachelors of Arts degree you will need to satisfy the universities world language requirement.  To satisfy this requirement you must have completed either two years of a single world language in high school or one year of a single world language at the college/university level.

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