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Student Achievement Outreach

Aviation Management Specializations

The Aviation Management major prepares graduates for entry-level careers and leadership roles in the aviation community. Students select one of two technical specializations leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management. The aviation curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation in the liberal arts as well as a thorough education and training in a technical discipline. All aviation courses are by permission.

Core Management Courses

The Aviation Management Specialization and Aviation Maintenance Management Specialization share the core group of courses.

Course Code                          Course Name                                                    
ADMG 271                               Business Math Applications                                     
AVM 330                                  Aviation Law                                                            
AVM 332                                  Aviation Legislation                                                 
AVM 333                                  Air Transportation                                                  
AVM 335                                  Aviation Management                                            
AVM 350                                  Aviation Career Planning and Professionalism
AVM 417                                  Aviation Safety Management                           
AVM 418                                  Threat & Error Management in Aviation              
AVM 420                                  Aviation Labor Relations                                       
AVM 422                                  Legal Ethics and Aviation                                      
AVM 424                                  Aviation Security                                                      
AVM 434                                  Airport Operations                                                   



                 Aviation Management Specialization

     Aviation Maintenance Management Specialization

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