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Payment Plan

Did you know that Central Washington University has a payment plan option for students that allows you to spread payments for tuition and other charges over the entire quarter?  Check it out! 

Fall Payment Plan

Open registration: Sept 16th through Oct 2nd for the Fall Quarter Payment Plan on MyCWU. Enrollment is optional. The $50 enrollment fee must be paid in advance prior to enrolling in the payment plan. 

Información sobre el plan de pago en español


The $50 enrollment charge and payment will not be reflected on your account until after add/drop. If there is an issue with your this payment, you will receive an email with instructions on what steps need to be taken to correct any issues.


The charges on your account will not be split into 3 installments until after add/drop on Sept 27th to ensure all charges on the account will be included in the payment plan for your first installment on October 15th.  

Reminder-Tuition Late fees are not assessed until Oct 4th

*Note: You are free to make payments on your account during this time as the balance owed on add/drop will be what is split. Any payment made towards your account prior to add/drop will not count towards your first installment. 

*Note: Students who have a past due balance are not eligible to enroll in the payment plan. If your past due balance is not paid in full by the end of the enrollment period, your $50 enrollment fee will be applied towards your balance owed.

To pay the enrollment fee, please use the payment plan enrollment fee form.

*Note: Paying the $50 Payment Plan Enrollment Fee does not enable automatic payments of the payment plan installments. The installments will need to be paid online through your MyCWU access, or with a check mailed to the Cashiers Office.

*Note: Do not enroll in the payment plan if your estimated Financial Aid will pay the balance of your account. 

After your Fall charges are split, after add/drop, your balance will be divided into three installments –due by Oct 15th, Nov 15th, & Dec 15th.  

*Note: If you are living in an on-campus apartment and would like to have all your quarterly rent included in the payment plan, please talk to housing prior to add/drop, to get all months’ rent charged at the beginning of the quarter. 

To avoid additional late fees, you must make your installment payments on time and pay them in full. Installments left unpaid will be charged a $20 late fee, and a No Enrollment hold will be added to the account which will prevent enrolling in classes the following quarter. Any balance remaining after the last installment is due is subject to all published tuition and housing late fees that were waived for enrollment in the payment plan.

*Note: Running Start students are not eligible to enroll in the payment plan.

In order to petition the Payment Plan late fee, please fill out the payment plan late payment fee petition form.

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