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Strategic Planning

Where We Have Been

After reviewing available data, the Strategic Planning Core Team assessed the progress made toward achieving the outcomes and objectives of our Strategic Plan. The team decided to use the assessment rubric, definitions, and processes utilized in the past for consistency.

Please find the historical reports at the link below:

Historical Versions of the CWU Strategic Plan and Outcome Reports

Where We Are Now

During academic year 2013-14, the strategic planning Core Team conducted a comprehensive review of the strategic plan, the strategic planning process, and outcomes from AY2012-13. Recommendations of changes to the then-current strategic plan were made to the President's Cabinet in February 2014. Please refer to the comparative grid for specifics of changes made. Changes were approved by thePresident.

One of the sweeping changes to the institutional plan involved elimination of most of the strategies, initiatives, and budgets aligned with specific outcomes and objectives. Most strategies conveyed a narration of current practice. Most budget dollars did not reflect costs of innovation; rather they called attention to costs associated with business as usual.

To remedy this, the Core Team recommended the establishment of 15 small teams that are aligned with specific strategic outcomes and objectives in the CWU Strategic Plan.

What you see in the Current Strategic Plan is the guiding document that assists in movement of the institution toward its mission.

Where We Are Going

Who knows? The members of our institutional community know!

The collective wisdom of the members of our community, the history, the currency, and the dreams of all of us will lead to our future. Layers within our Strategic Plan call for an organized review of aspirant programs to determine best approaches to meet our outcomes. Eight of fifteen teams are meeting regularly to discuss, to review, to dream, and to plan. And guess what... We need YOU! Look for this logo in the future. When you see it, you will know we need your input!

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