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Strategic Planning

Latest Developments

" The Strategic Plan is just a few pieces of paper. It's not the plan that will make us better and move use forward with intention."

"Then what will?"

"The people that contribute to the plan. The faculty, staff, and students that are and strive to be proud of this institution. Those individuals that get a flutter in their chest when they hear the bagpipes at graduation. Those people that walk across campus and see the banners and flags that reflect all of the great faculty with which students closely work and those that have been so positively influenced by the incredible people here."

And people are contributing to the process. During the past few months, several groups have formed to begin to develop institutional strategies to meet the outcomes, objectives, and ultimately the mission of CWU. These "teams" are composed of members of our Central community, and are charged with basically three things:

  1. Find places across the country that are doing "X" very well. What are they doing that is different? How are they so successful?
  2. Develop strategies that will move CWU forward in area "X". Bring these recommendations to the Strategic Planning Core Team.
  3. Engage the campus community in this work.


Would you like to assist with this work? Take a look at the Current Strategic Plan. Find an area that appeals to you. Give me call, and we appreciate your contribution.