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Strategic Planning

Core Theme 2

Inclusiveness and Diversity

CWU is committed to providing all faculty, staff, and students a diverse working and learning environment built on principles of respect, support and encouragement as a way to achieve individual and collaborative excellence. Changing demographic trends in the United States and the increasing globalization of economic, political, and social systems demand that students be prepared for working in a world in which diversity is the norm. Research clearly indicates that learning is enhanced when students experience a diverse learning and living environment. It also suggests that faculty and staff are more innovative, entrepreneurial, and successful in an inclusive and diverse environment.

Three Working Teams Created

Three unique teams will recommend strategies and initiatives to assist the institution meet its objectives related to inclusiveness and diversity. Each team needs campus input into this process. Please contribute through the blog below:

Blog IconTeam 1 develops strategies to enhance shared governance within the University.(Dr. Katharine Whitcomb, Chair)
Blog IconTeam 2 examines ways in which the Institution can develop more diverse human resources. (Ms Staci Sleigh-Layman, Chair)
Blog IconTeam 3 explores the state of the curriculum concerning inclusivity and diversity, and recommends enhancements to the curriculum. (Dr. Mike Harrod, Chair)


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