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Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs Executive Committee

CWU Collegiate Sport Clubs is first and foremost a student organization, so elected student leadership is integral to the success and development of the group. The elected student leaders will be trusted and empowered to make decisions that impact not only their individual organizations, but also Collegiate Sport Clubs as a whole. These individuals fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Act as a liaison between the sport clubs and the Sport Club Staff
  • Make recommendations for annual funding to each of the eligible sport clubs
  • Make recommendations for supplemental funding as requested
  • Conduct disciplinary hearings and make recommendations for disciplinary actions based on those hearings
  • Represent SCEC at Monthly Sport Club Council meetings
  • Provide input for the development and implementation of new policies and procedures
  • Accept additional responsibilities as assigned by the Sport Club Staff

Meet the SCEC Members

Jacob Bates

Jacob BatesJacob is a senior at Central working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Civil Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. Before joining Central and their rugby program, Jacob had played the sport all the way through high school. In his third year Jacob became the Secretary and the following two years was President of the Rugby Club. During his time as president the club moved from competition in the Pacific Northwest and expanded to the Varsity Cup where they compete against the best teams in the nation. Jacob helped in the process of creating the CSCCEC over the summer and became a member in hopes to give advice and his perspective to other clubs. He also joined the CSCCEC in hopes to create a standard for clubs to be successful from.

Eric Williamson

Eric WilliamsonMy name is Eric Williamson; I was the head coach and vice-president for the CWU swim club for the 2012-2013 season.  Before that I was an active member of the club for three years.  I am now in my fifth year at Central, finishing up my degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Economics.  I joined the CSCCEC to learn more about the inner workings of athletic organizations and to help the CWU clubs grow during the 2013-2014 school year.


Danny Peterson

Danny is a senior at Central Washington University studying Business Management with a minor in Information Technology and is seeking a Sport Business Certificate. He joined the CWU Golf Club as a freshman and has been highly involved with the club during his time here at CWU. After becoming President of the CWU golf club in fall 2012, he has been able to increase the club membership, schedule more tournament events, and successfully fundraise for club expenses. Danny joined the CSCCEC because he wanted to assist other sport clubs’ growth and achieve success. Danny says the CSCCEC gave him experience working on sport club budgeting, procedures, and policies at a higher level.