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Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs Council Executive Committee

CWU Collegiate Sport Clubs is first and foremost a student organization, so elected student leadership is integral to the success and development of the group. The elected student leaders will be trusted and empowered to make decisions that impact not only their individual organizations, but also Collegiate Sport Clubs as a whole. These individuals fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Act as a liaison between the sport clubs and the Sport Club Staff
  • Make recommendations for annual funding to each of the eligible sport clubs
  • Make recommendations for supplemental funding as requested
  • Conduct disciplinary hearings and make recommendations for disciplinary actions based on those hearings
  • Represent SCCEC at Monthly Sport Club Council meetings
  • Provide input for the development and implementation of new policies and procedures
  • Accept additional responsibilities as assigned by the Sport Club Staff

Meet the Committee

Keegan Carlson

Keegan is an Integrated Energy Management (IEM) major at CWU. During his time at Central, he has started the Central Washington University Fly Fishing Club, and is currently the Club President. Keegan moved to Ellensburg after graduating from Standwood High School two years ago. Keegan loves fly fishing, enjoying time outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. When Keegan is not working as an SCEC member or in class, you can find him fishing various locations across Central Washington or working as a fishing guide with Ellensburg Angler. Keegan loves living in Ellensburg and going to college at CWU.

Picture of Keegan Carlson

Sierra Tribby

Sierra is a senior at CWU, and is majoring in Safety and Health Management with a minor in Business. Sierra grew up on a small ranch in a small town in Montana. She has had horses her whole life, and could not imagine a day without them. Sierra currently has a mini Aussie mix named Ace, who has been her four-legged sidekick this past year. She discovered the CWU Equestrian Team when looking at colleges in Washington which influenced 90% of her decision to come to Central. Sierra brought her horse, Della, from Montana which has been with her on the team the entire time she has been here at college, holding up a couple different leadership positions throughout the years. Her college experience has definitely been influenced for the better being on the Equestrian team, and she is glad that she joined this Sport Club from the start.

Picture of Sierra Tribby

Anndie Watterson

Anndie is from Cedar Fort, Utah, and is in her second year here at CWU. Her major is mechanical engineering, and she is currently the Rodeo Club President. Anndie enjoys roping and practicing for rodeos. She spends her free time fishing for bass. Anndie and her sister have four horses, and a chubby corgi named Hadley. She has enjoyed being the president of the Rodeo Club and is looking forward to being an SCEC member.

Picture of Anndie Watterson

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