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Online Safety Training Certification

Safety Training


Students that participate in the Safety Officer Training Program will be able to:

  • Identify how to recognize symptoms of a concussion
  • Articulate multiple short term and long term impacts of a concussion
  • Explain how symptoms of a concussion impacts a person's ability to make decisions for themselves
  • Identify two resources to utilize if they suspect a concussion may have occurred
  • Identify what you should do if they suspect someone MAY have sustained a concussion
  • Explain the care that should be provided for the next 24-48 hours
  • Articulate the proper process to report accidents
  • Identify symptoms of heat and cold related illnesses, how to avoid them and how to treat for them
  • Explain the proper process to respond to a medical emergency when traveling off campus
  • Explain the emergency action plan during practices
  • Explain the emergency action plan during a competition in which there is no medical personnel (EMT or Athletic Trainer) available to respond to a medical emergency

In order to be certified as a Safety Officer for a CWU Collegiate Sport Clubs participants need to complete this online training, pass the test with an 80% or higher and provide current copy of their CPR and First Aid Certifications to the Collegiate Sport Club Staff.


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