CWUNewsNews Student Earns Place Among Top Collegiate Equestrians, 09 Jun 2016 12:30:22<p><img alt="" src="/sport-clubs/sites/" style="width: 350px; border-width: 3px; border-style: solid; margin: 3px; float: right; height: 233px;">Central Washington University senior Tessa Churchill, a member of the CWU Equestrian Team, is among the nation’s best collegiate riders. She earned the honor for her Top-10 finish at the <a href="" target="_blank">Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA)</a> National Finals held in Lexington, Kentucky.</p><p>The IHSA Nationals brought together the best riders from colleges and universities across the nation to compete in 20 events. Churchill claimed 10th place in the Individual Novice Western Horsemanship competition, which initially involved more than 5,000 riders nationwide.</p><p>“It was a huge honor just to have just made it to nationals,” said Churchill, an English education major and native of Olympia.</p><p>Unlike most equestrian shows, IHSA competition requires that riders use horses that are not their own. The riders are judged on how well they handle the horse through a series of patterns and rail work. Western horsemanship is specifically judged on criteria that includes the precision of the rider’s seat, hands and feet, subtlety in riding, and strength of the lines and angles as the competitor rides a series of maneuvers designed by the judge.</p><p>“It’s challenging because every horse behaves in its own way,” said Churchill. “They’re all trained differently so you have to be really flexible with your commands. A lot of the times if something goes wrong, it’s because you’re not asking in the way that the horse was trained.”</p><p>Churchill also serves as student coach of the CWU Equestrian Team, which boards and trains out of Orrion Farms in Ellensburg. Team advisor <a href="" target="_blank">Ann Anderson, CWU’s community and government relations director</a>, credits its success to hard work and the generous support from Orrion Farms.“</p><p>Tessa worked extremely hard this year to qualify for nationals,” noted Anderson, herself the 2009 Western Horsemanship world champion at the Appaloosa World Championship Show in Fort Worth Texas. “Part of Tessa's success was having the ability to ride all year long at the indoor arena at Orrion Farms.”</p><p>The Equestrian Club was established in 2006 by a group of CWU students who wanted to be able to bring the world of competitive riding to the university. “To be able to come to college and meet other people with the same interest and love of horses has been the best experience,” Churchill said. “It’s been an amazing experience because horses have been my stress relief during school.”</p><p>With approximately 35 members, the CWU Equestrian Club is the largest club of the 20 members of Collegiate Sport Clubs program, which is designed to allow university students to participate in regional and intercollegiate competitive activities.</p><p><span style="line-height: 1.4;">IHSA gives collegiate riders, of all skill levels, opportunities to compete individually and as members of equestrian teams. The national organization was founded in 1967 on the principle that any college student should be able to participate in horse shows regardless of his or her riding ability or financial status.</span></p><p><strong>Media contact: </strong>Robert Lowery, director of radio services and integrated communications, 509-963-1487,</p><p>June 9, 2016</p></span style="line-height: 1.4;">CWU Collegiate Equestrian Show November 14-15, 12 Nov 2015 08:26:40<p><iframe class="youtube-player" frameborder="0" height="390" src="//" title="YouTube video player" type="text/html" width="480"></iframe></p><p>Most college students don’t consider a horse-riding part of their curriculum, but for the dedicated riders of CWU’s Equestrian Club, sitting tall in the saddle is a requirement.</p><p>This weekend the Equestrian Club will hold its annual show on November 14 and 15 at the Orrion Farms Arena, 280 Orrion Road, in Ellensburg. The show runs 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, and 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. Riders in the club will be assigned a horse based on their skill level and will be judged on their equitation, which refers to a rider's position while mounted, and their ability to ride correctly. In horse show competition, the rider, rather than the horse is evaluated.</p><p>The Orrion Farms Arena is owned by the Orr family, who generously donates the use of their arena to CWU’s Equestrian Club.</p><p>The Equestrian Club is a relatively new club at CWU, and competes through the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). It was established in 2006 by a group of dedicated horse lovers who wanted to be able to bring the world of competitive riding to CWU. Members who wish to compete travel to shows and can show English, Western or both. “They show at colleges across the Pacific Northwest including LBCC, Western Washington University, University of Washington, University of Oregon, and Oregon State University.</p><p>“We are one of the larger sports clubs on campus, and we have a group of very dedicated students and big plans for our future,” said Gretchen Beyer, club president. “One of the best things about this club is that you don’t need a horse, or have any riding experience. Members can be either competing or non-competing. It is a personal choice for each member if they wish to compete or not.”</p><p>The IHSA show season runs from September to March. During show season club members have weekly ride nights where both competing and non-competing members get to practice for shows. Members may attend shows at the start of spring quarter depending on how well they do during the regular season. Shows during our season are held all across the Pacific Northwest. In spring quarter, shows will be held as far away as Pennsylvania.</p><p>Horses are all personally owned by members, meaning there are no university-owned horses. Each member is responsible for their monthly board check and any other horse expenses.</p><p>“We also have no professional coach,” added Beyer. “Our coach is a CWU student just like every other member which is a very unique thing to have in an IHSA club.</p><p>“And because we are a completely student run club there is no dedicated day for practice as we have to work around class and work schedules. We plan ride nights at our weekly meetings and try to best accommodate everyone’s busy schedule.</p><p>For more information about the CWU Equestrian Club, go to You can also view a Central Minute on YouTube about the club at</p><p>Media Contact: Valerie Chapman-Stockwell, Public Affairs, 509-963-1518,<br>&nbsp;</p></br>CWU Dance Team Featured in National Staples TV Commercial, 25 Jul 2014 09:10:51<p>Eight members of the Central Washington University <a href="" target="_blank">Dance Team</a> are featured in a Staples back-to-school TV commercial airing nationwide starting today. The group earned its four seconds of fame and $1,000 after winning a video contest. The dance team, a CWU Collegiate Sport Club, was one of three groups chosen out of 118 applicants.</p><p><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="/sport-clubs/sites/" style="width: 275px; height: 159px; float: right;"></a>The team’s portion of the commercial was shot at the Wildcat Shop in the Student Union and Recreation Center on campus and the dancers are wearing CWU gear.</p><p>“We were asked to put our own spin on the original dance move called the shopping cart and we choreographed our own routine to their song selection,” said Michaela Boere, captain of the CWU Dance Team.</p><p>Boere, Karlee Olive, Haley Alderson, Elizabeth Thompson, Haley Miller, Megan Hoy, Nichole Fazzino and Hanah Rasmussen are featured in the commercial. The entire dance team was not able to participate.</p><p>The <a href="" target="_blank">15-second spot</a> is available to watch online, as well the <a href="" target="_blank">full one-minute routine</a> submitted by the team.</p><p>The CWU Dance Team performs at CWU athletic events and homecoming activities and at events in the Ellensburg community. The dancers focus on jazz and hip-hop styles, while also incorporating pom and kick.</p><p>For more information contact Corey Sinclair, CWU University Recreation Collegiate Sport Clubs Coordinator, at or 509-963-3516.</p>CWU Players Prepare for International Rugby Competitions, 29 May 2013 16:11:04<p><img alt="" src="/sport-clubs/sites/" style="width: 466px; height: 228px;"></p><p>The roster has been set for the United States under-20 national team that will compete for the International Rugby Board Junior World Championship, and a Central Washington University player has made the final squad.</p><p>Freshman Korbin Lindell, from Wales, Wisc., is now in La Roche-sur-Yon, France in preparation for pool play against South Africa, on June 5;&nbsp; France, June 9; and England, June 13. The semifinal and final matches will follow.</p><p>In addition, two more CWU players—senior Patrick Blair, La Mirada, Calif.; and sophomore Tanner Barnes, Fresno, Calif.—have joined the Men’s 7s National team in preparation for the Sevens World Cup. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>The final training sessions for Team USA will take place in Seattle from June 9-16. It will then depart for the tournament in Moscow, Russia, which will be held June 28-30.</p><p>“For these three men, this is the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work,” said CWU head men’s rugby coach Tony Pacheco. “They have a great opportunity to play on the biggest stages in world rugby. I know they will represent their families, their country, and their university well.”</p><p><strong>Media contact:</strong> Robert Lowery, CWU Public Affairs, 509-963-1487,</p><p>Photo: (L. to R.) Tanner Barnes and Patrick Blair coming off the field from a training session</p>Central Washington to Join Varsity Cup, 05 Apr 2013 13:19:48<p><img alt="" src="/sport-clubs/sites/" style="width: 480px; height: 264px; "></p><p>The Varsity Cup announced today that Central Washington University (CWU) has been selected to participate in the 2013 Varsity Cup National Collegiate Rugby Championship. CWU boasts an 8-0 regular season record in 2012-13 and a #7 national ranking in's all-division rankings.</p><p>CWU comes into the Varsity Cup after the forced departure of the University of Utah following a recent administrative suspension of the Utah rugby program.</p><p>Read more <a href="">here</a>.</p><p>Photo by Alex Lee. Article courtesy of</p>CWU Rugby is Headed Back to Texas, 23 Oct 2012 10:16:18<p>WRITTEN BY CODY SECKER /</p><p>It didn’t take long to establish the dominant force at the NCRC 7s Tournament in Seattle this weekend. The Central Washington Wildcats, like they have done throughout the 7s season, had a mission and wanted to prove if anyone wanted a trip to the national championship, they had to go through them.</p><p><img alt="" src="/sport-clubs/sites/" height="159" width="290"></p><p>Geoff Vlcek photo<br>Geoff Vlcek photo /</p><p>Coming back as the defending NCRC 7s Championships from a year ago, CWU was the team that had the target on their backs. However, Head Coach Tony Pacheco and his players seemed at ease and confident from the beginning.</p><p>“They really brought it today and had some great training sessions,” Pacheco said. “They continue to work hard and getting better every day.”</p><p>Despite a bit of rust in their first game against Western Oregon in which they won 26-0, the Wildcats got back to their usual form in a 47-5 rout of the Oregon Ducks. From there it was all downhill for a Central team that features a talented roster.</p><p>Led by the eight tries of Shelby Williams, five from Jacob Bates and four from Tanner Barnes; the Wildcats feasted on the competition. After their dismantling of the Ducks, Central beat WSU and UW by a combined score of 114-0, cruising to the final match against Western Washington.</p><p>And with Western beating up Oregon pretty convincingly, but pulling out a victory in a thriller 22-17 over Oregon State, the Vikings looked a bit beat up for the final match. When the game kicked off, CWU took the game as a bit of a rivalry and took it to the Vikings from the get go.</p><p>“This game is a rivalry in every sport that these two programs play against each other,” CWU coach Tony Pacheco said. “Western is a great program that is on the rise and are doing a lot of great things right now, we are happy that this rivalry has been renewed for years to come.”</p><p>From beginning to end, CWU played as consistently and balanced as they have throughout the entire NCRC season. Being patient with their patterns and staying focused on keeping their lanes defensively to make sure there little to no weaknesses that teams could take advantage to score.</p><p>A total of five different players scored in the final match and total of 12 scored throughout the tournament to further prove their supremacy. After the game, it was business as usual despite winning the NCRC cup and earning a trip to nationals in College Station, TX.</p><p>“It was an awesome feeling and I’m sure the entire team is excited,” Tanner Barnes said after the game, one of the guys Pacheco was quick to mention that had a great tournament. “We’ve still got a lot more work to do and get back to training for nationals in a month.</p><p><img alt="" src="/sport-clubs/sites/" height="324" width="462">Geoff Vlcek photo<br>Geoff Vlcek photo /</p></br></br>CWU Rippers Defend Title, 08 Oct 2012 11:09:42<p>The West Coast Collegiate Wakeboard Championship defending champions, Central Washington University, successfully defended their title in Sacramento this weekend. CWU handily won the competition; the closest competitor was the defending national champion, Chico State, who CWU beat by 27 points. Six divisions were up for grabs in Sacramento (Men’s A, B, C, D, Wake Skate, and Women’s Open). Saturday’s preliminary round advanced 9 CWU riders into the final round on Sunday. Patrick Mahoney competed in Men’s D finishing in 2nd. Mike Day finished 2nd in Men’s C. Chelsea Worland finished 2nd in the ladies division. Pat Mahoney also competed in wake skate finishing 3rd. In the Men B’s division Sean Harris, Corbin Schafer, and Eddie Roberts were top seeds in the finals. CWU, swept the Men’s B with Schafer in 3rd, Harris in 2nd, and Roberts in 1st. The Men A’s riders; Thomas Olson and Kolby Blew finished 4th and 5th.&nbsp; CWU will now focus on the Alt Games National Wakeboard Championship in spring of 2013.</p><p>For more information go to <a href="" target="_blank">CWU SPORT CLUBS </a></p> CWU Rugby Breathes Clear Air of Victory, 02 Oct 2012 11:13:40<p>A series of wildfires in central Washington state has badly affected air quality on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains.</p><p>Homes and business were threatened by the flames, of course, but the smoke and ash spread even further afield, forcing the evacuation of some areas, and kids to be told to stay home, where it is usually easier to control air quality.</p><p>For the Central Washington University’s rugby team, this all made holding a rugby practice very difficult. Breathing normally outside was not recommended; breathing heavily during a sports practice could be seriously damaging.</p><p>“We have canceled 14 practices so far,” said CWU 7s Head Coach Tony Pacheco. “We practiced almost entirely in the gym, and I was really concerned how we would be able to translate what we did in the gym to competition.”</p><p>He needn’t have worried. Central Washington opened the Northwest Collegiate Rugby Conference 7s series with four victories – all shutouts. Their B team gave up only seven points in winning the B-side competition.</p><p>Playing at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Ore., CWU beat Oregon 40-0, Western Oregon 42-0, Washington State 43-0 in the semis, and Oregon State 40-0 in the final.</p><p>“I was really happy to give up zero points,” said Pacheco. “The guys really worked hard on defense and we had some good athletes who made some key plays on cover tackles. We’ve really worked on our defense and it turned out really well.”</p><p>Despite the fact that Pacheco says the Northwest collegiate 7s competition is improving, Central is easily the best team in the region and did not look tested despite their less-than-optimal practice schedule. With the air clearing a big in Ellensburg, Wash., they will have more training time to prepare for the next tournament at Washington State University.</p><p>CWU should expect Josh Bower and Andrew Nelson to return next week after sitting out due to minor injuries. That makes selections very tough for Pacheco. Shelby Williams was superb on the weekend, showcasing a ton of pace on the wing and scoring virtually any time he got a decent pass and some space.</p><p>Bowling Green transfer Max Narewski played well, while USA U20 star Tanner Barnes has taken a big step forward. Barnes can play in the forwards or the backs, and defends well in either area.</p><p>“He’s a good player and he’s not only improving, he really wants to improve,” said Pacheco. “He keeps asking for feedback and is really working hard to get better.”</p><p>Meanwhile team captain and 7s All American Patrick Blair gleefully did all the grunt work and did it better than anyone.</p><p>Still, said Pacheco, “there are a lot of areas where we need to improve.”</p><p>With 165 points scored and zero allowed, improvement will be tough to see, even when the skies clear.</p>Women’s Rugby Announces Prom Dress Match, 21 Sep 2012 11:25:58<p>September 21st 2012 Ellensburg, Wash.-The Central Washington Women’s Rugby Club has come together with Whitman’s Women’s Rugby Club and have scheduled a “Prom Dress Match” with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer. The event is scheduled for October 12th,2012 at 4 p.m. The Women’s Rugby team is very excited about the event and Club President Heather Johnson said, “It will provide a fun atmosphere for our team to come together, while also raising money for Breast Cancer.” The match will be a friendly between both clubs, before they begin their PNRFU Division II season. The match will take place at Nicholson Rugby Pitch.</p><p style="text-align: center;"><img alt="" src="/sport-clubs/sites/" height="461" width="307"></p></p style="text-align: center;">Demo Day Success, 19 Sep 2012 11:20:24<p>Sept. 19, 2012 Ellensburg, Wash.- Central Washington University Collegiate Sports Clubs Demonstration Day a.k.a "Demo Day" was a resounding success and an excellent kick-off of the upcoming competition year for clubs. With all 24 clubs participating, 428 new recruits came to meetings and practices all over campus. Even though the air quality was not up to par, it did not affect the clubs' ability to recruit new members. Practices were canceled and clubs held meetings to inform new students how they can get involved. "Every meeting I attended was full of new faces excited about the opportunities to participate" said Sport Club Graduate Assistant Derek Tomasone. The club with the most new recruits for the day was the Archery Club with 40 potential new members. Demo Day is an integral part of Collegiate Sport Clubs and its recruiting process.</p>