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About our club:
The CWU Kyokushin Karate club is open to anyone who is interested in learning a practical martial art. We help aspiring karate students to strengthen their mind, body, and spirit in a friendly, growth-based environment. No prior experience is required to join. Our club is diverse and welcomes all who wish to begin training in the Kyokushin way.

History of club:
Established at CWU in 2002, we have had hundreds of club members. Some members aspire to get in better shape while others wish to compete at all levels. We have students and professors who have trained with us. 6 of our members have made the United States National Team and competed in the World Championships. One of our female members placed 4th in the world.

Come join our Kyokushin dojo family. The training you receive will help you meet all of life’s challenges. We work as a group to help each individual meet their goals. Osu!

Please email for more information. 

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