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Sport Clubs

Handbook & Forms

collegiate sports clubs

The handbook and all forms have been created to serve as resources to help guide you and ensure you are following all rules and policies correctly. If you have any questions about any form, policy or process please contact Brett Carter at


Frequently Used

Competition ReportWeb  
Handbook  PDF
Travel ItineraryWeb  
Home Event Facility RequestWeb  
Practice Facility RequestWeb  


National Travel Request Word 
Travel Weather Conditions  PDF
Maxi Van Driver Certification  PDF
Private Vehicle Waiver WordPDF

Risk Management

Emergency Action Plan  PDF
Accident Report  PDF
Concussion Fact Sheet  PDF
Sport Club Waiver  PDF
Student Health InsuranceWeb  


Club RecognitionWeb  
Athlete Code of ConductWeb PDF
Point System Overview   
CWU Poster Posting Information  PDF
Coaches Application  PDF
Equipment Checkout WordPDF
Officer Duties WordPDF
League Information WordPDF
Request for Certificate of InsuranceWeb  
Grade Release Form Word 


SURC Accounting WebsiteWeb  
Student Authorization Form WordPDF
A19 Invoice Voucher  PDF
Base Funding Request WordExcel
Fundraiser Request Form WordPDF

Community Service

Community Service Application WordPDF
Community Service Summary WordPDF



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