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The CWU Fencing Club is a member club of the U.S. Fencing Association, and each member of the club is more than welcome to join. We fence year round, with the closest semblance of an off season being the summer. Club meetings are usually two times per week during the normal school year, plus tournaments on the weekends and occasionally on holidays. We have sent members to local and regional tournaments and competitions. Fencing is a friendly sport, and even tournaments are most often taken light-heartedly. Especially in our own division, the Inland Empire, which includes most of the East Side of Washington State, Idaho, and parts of Montana.

Joining the club is easy: just show up to one of the club's regular meeting and sign up! The first two weeks are free, and after that there is a small quarterly membership fee. Payment options can be negotiated for those with financial challenges. No experience is necessary to join or participate; we train as we go, and we provide all of the equipment. Join for the competition, or just join for the fun of it, we will be trying to attend at least one tournament a quarter. This sport is as serious or relaxed as you want it to be!

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