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Center for Spatial Information and Research

Restoration and Ecosystem Function of Common Reed Stands in Lake Poygan, Wisconsin

The combination of attributes, such as providing food, shelter, and reproductive sites for other organisms, the potential competitive effects on populations of other organisms in the Lakes, and the influence on water quality in the system suggests that common reed grass may function as a keystone species in the context of the Winnebago Pool Lakes. Therefore, our goal was to ecologically characterize the structural and functional aspects of common reed grass stands in the Winnebago Pool Lakes ecosystem as well as develop information necessary for the management, protection, and rehabilitation of midlake wetlands in the Winnebago Pool Lakes.

Our study addressed the following objectives:

1) to identify other plant species in proximity to common reed stands, their location, and their spatial relationships to each other and environmental factors including wind, substrate and water depth;

2) to determine temporal utilization by fish;

3) to determine the physical and chemical characteristics within and in proximity to common reed stands and their relation to environmental conditions; these include wave attenuation, water clarity, sediment composition and sedimentation, temperature, and dissolved oxygen; and

4) to conduct a pilot restoration project based on the findings of this study and a preliminary study of the current status and health of common reed stands in Lake Poygan funded by a previous Lake Planning Grant (Gabriel and Bodensteiner, 1998).

Funding Sources:

Wisconsin DNR Lake Protection Grant. Amount : $22,000
Dates of Project : 05/99 - 09/00
Summer Students Funded : 5

Finished Reports:

Gabriel, A.O., and L. Bodensteiner. 2000. Restoration and Ecosystem Functions of Common Reed Stands in Lake Poygan , Wisconsin . Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Lake Protection Grant Report. Geo-ecology Research Group Research Report 2. Ellensburg: Central Washington University . 122 pp.

Related Publications:

Gabriel, A.O., and L. Bodensteiner. 2006. Ecosystem functions of mid-water stands of common reed in the Winnebago Pool Lakes, Wisconsin. Submitted to Wetlands , under revision.