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The Application of Resource Survey Methods, GIS, and An Integrated Multimedia Approach to Sensitive Shoreline Designation on the Winnebago Pool Lakes, Wisconsin

The aim of this project was to develop a methodology to designate sensitive shorelines. This project represented the next logical step in shoreline management following the workshops and prioritization exercises that had already been conducted to create the Winnebago Comprehensive Management Plan and Winnebago County Land and Water Resource Management Plan to prioritize management issues and objectives, including the preliminary identification of sensitive shorelines on the Winnebago System. To accomplish this, we produced an environmental folio and multimedia database for the Winnebago Pool Lakes, which was used to synthesize, integrate, graphically display, and provide modeling capabilities that incorporate biophysical and cultural information for sensitive shorelines. This folio consisted of maps and text built around the ecological structure and functions of sensitive shorelines, as well documenting the major concerns and issues facing the inhabitants and managers within a lake management unit.

Following initial, coarser scale, scoping assessments, the sensitive shorelines on the Winnebago Pool Lakes were designated and assessed using Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources guidelines and protocols.The project also combined field survey, geographic information system (GIS), remote sensing, image processing, global positioning system (GPS) and multimedia technologies to 1) develop a spatial database in GIS format and a multimedia database for sensitive shorelines in the Winnebago Pool Lakes; and 2) develop an integrated multimedia approach for easy access to the digital databases. The procedures performed in this project can be further employed to other lake systems.

Funding Sources:

Wisconsin DNR Shallow Lakes Funding Program Grant Amount: $58,000
(submitted with L. Bodensteiner)
Dates of Project: 07/99 - 07/01
Summer Students Funded: 4

Finished Reports:

Gabriel, A.O., L. Bodensteiner, S. Hu, and C. Lancaster. 2001. Identification and Ecological Characterization of Sensitive Shorelines on the Winnebago Pool Lakes, Wisconsin. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Shallow Lakes Program Report. Geo-ecology Research Group Research Report 4 and Multimedia CD-ROM. Ellensburg: Central Washington University. 52 pp.

Related Publications:

Hu, S., A. Gabriel and L. Bodensteiner. 2003. Inventory and characterization of wetland habitat on the Winnebago Upper Pool Lakes, Wisconsin: an integrated multimedia approach. Wetlands, 23 (1), pp. 82-94.

Gabriel, A.O., L. Bodensteiner, and S. Hu. 2003. Sensitive shoreline assessment for the Winnebago Pool Lakes, Wisconsin: a multimedia database. Presented at The Canadian Association of Geographers 53rd Annual Meeting, May 27- 31, 2003, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C.

Gabriel, A.O., and L. Bodensteiner. 2003. Sensitive shoreline assessment: a multimedia decision support tool. Presented at the 2003 Georgia Basin/Puget Sound Research Conference, March 31- April 3, 2003, Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, B.C.

Hu, S., and A.O. Gabriel. 2000. Integrated multimedia approach with GIS to wetland conservation management and planning. Presented at The Association of American Geographers 96th Annual Meeting, April 5, 2000, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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