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Center for Spatial Information and Research

Providing Guidance for Local Planners-An Internet Decision Support System for Lake Shoreline Assessment

The overall goal of this project was to develop guidance on how to prepare effective lake shoreline assessments for Washington State planners updating their local Shoreline Master Programs and Comprehensive Plans. The approach was to develop an innovative decision support system (DSS) via a web interface that:

  • describes the use and limitations of currently available and relevant data, information and lake assessment methods
  • provides direct links to necessary data and technical reports
  • explains how to interpret and use existing information effectively
  • offers case examples of lake shoreline assessments illustrated with maps and images of representative lake shoreline sites in Washington

Funding Sources:

Washington Department of Ecology. Amount: $50,000.
Dates of Project: 06/03-06/04
Graduate Students Funded: 2

Finished Reports:

Gabriel, A.O., D. Parrish, C. Donoghue, and T.Gates. 2004. Decision support system for lake shoreline assessments. Washington Department of Ecology Multimedia CD-ROM, Lacey, WA.

Related Publications:

Gabriel, A.O., C. Donoghue, and T. Gates. 2004. Shoreline inventory process for lake shoreline master program updates. Presented at the Washington Lake Protection Association 17th Annual Conference on Lake Solutions for the 21st Century, Bellingham, Washington, April 2004.


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