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University Facilities Planning Office

Guide to Moving

for Faculty, Staff & Departmental Relocations

Relocations typically occur due to a building remodel, the completion of a new facility, re-organization, or a space assignment change required to better support University operations. The instructions that follow are designed to simplify the preparation, move-in and resettling process.

Prior to the move

  1. Make arrangements with ITS to relocate computers, transfer voice and data connections a soon as a potential move is contemplated.  Early contact of ITS for move support is critical when moves involve the addition of new data jacks, re-cabling or if the move is to be scheduled during break or holiday periods.  A service request form can be found at:
  2. Notify Mail Services of the change of location and date of service change (ext.#1807.)
  3. Make arrangements with the Lock Shop (ext.#3000) for new keys, key signature cards, and to turn in old keys.
  4. Make arrangements with Surplus & Asset Management (ext.#2157) to remove any surplus items prior to the move.
  5. After opening a move support work order, make arrangements with custodial transportation services (ext.#2984) to perform a "pre-move walk-through" to plan for furniture relocation.  Please note that in many campus facilities, furniture was puchased with capital construction funds and needs to remain in the building.  Also note that newer facilities may have building furnshing standards that prohibit the use of non-standard or personal furnishing items.



  1. Personnel within departments/operations being moved are responsible for packing their office and personal material into boxes, prior to the scheduled move date.
    Tip: Boxes should not be over or under packed. Tops should lay flat and close easily.
  2. Special boxes for moving will be provided by Facilities Management. Request boxes by leaving a voice mail with Custodial Services (ext.#2984) with the following information:
    • Name of department
    • Name of individual
    • Name of building presently occupied
    • Room number presently occupied
    • Number of boxes needed (boxes measure approximately 12"W x 12"H x 20"L)
  3. The contents of all shelves and furniture (including contents of file cabinets) must be packed in the boxes provided by Facilities Management.
  4. Special moving labels will be provided for the boxes and those items too large to be boxed. The label must have the following information placed on it:
    • Name of individual
    • Name of building individual is moving into
    • Room number items are to be moved to

    - To avoid the risk of loss, unlabeled items will not be moved.
    - Take care not to pack items in "Recycle Boxes".

Facilities Management's moving crew will move all labeled items. Due to the risk of personal injury, personnel being moved are asked not to move any boxed or unboxed items on their own.

Unpacking and positioning of moved items in new quarters will be the responsibility of individuals being moved.

Boxes provided by Facilities Management are State property purchased with State funds and must be retrieved by Facilities Management.
Call (ext.#2984) to request retrieval of emptied boxes.