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University Facilities Planning Office


Q: Our department needs to request additional office space. How do I request space?
A: An On-Line Space Request form may be submitted by administrative department heads and department chairs. All space requests must be reviewed by the respective Dean or Vice President.

Q: Our department is growing or undergoing major changes. What should we do?
A: Our ten-year capital plan and master planning processes support CWU strategic goals and department missions. Major changes in colleges and departments are considered in our ongoing planning. The University Facilities Planning Office maintains data in the form of department and building profiles and reports facility utilization data to the State of Washington. These documents are our tool for monitoring current space use/ allocation and are a reference point for future planning. If changes in department needs are anticipated we ask that you complete Operation Profile, Staffing Level and Space Requirement forms. We will then perform a space audit and make recommendations for appropriate adjustments based upon demonstrated need and State of Washington Facilities Planning and Evaluation Guideline standards. The information may also be used as a first step in planning for future capital projects. Our office will help your department prepare an academic prospectus that provides detailed documentation of department needs. Capital project requests are solicited by a "Call for Requests" in fall of odd numbered years.  CWU compiles a list of capital projects for submission as part of a competitive state funding process.   The State Office of Financial Management is tasked by law under E2SHB 2483 to develop a single prioritized capital list for public four-year institutions.

Q: I will be moving to another location on campus. How should I prepare?
A: A Guide to Moving helps answer these questions. Please contact our office if you have further questions or concerns.

Q: I plan to submit a grant that may result in the need for additional space, when should I contact your office to plan for space needs?
A: Additional space needs must be considered prior to grant submission. Campus office space is very limited and alternative methods for housing grant functions may need to be considered. Please contact our office directly in the early stages of developing a grant proposal if additional space may be needed.  In some instances options such as leasing off-site space may need to be considered.

Q: I have a health concern, can you help with modifications to my workstation?
A: We work closely with Environmental Health & Safety to help accommodate office environment needs and have been very successful with cost effective help for MSD's (Musculoskeletal Disorders are injuries that result from repeated strain.) Please contact EH&S at extension #2253 and make an appointment for an assessment of your needs. We will work with you and your department to improve your office environment.

Q: We have a student or employee who needs an ADA accommodation, can you help?
A: Please contact Disability Services at extension #2171 with your initial request. Note that CWU has provided ADA compliant tables and chairs in classrooms for student use. We ask that these items not be removed from their assigned locations. CWU has made a strong commitment to barrier free access. If additional physical accommodation is required we will work with DS staff to meet the identified needs.

Q: I need a new computer or an upgrade to my computer, can you help?
A: Computer requests are best directed through your departments ITS Liaison.

Q: We need a piece of furniture, can you help?
A: Our office helps to match departments with used furniture. We have a limited quantity of office and classroom furnishings available for redistribution.  We also coordinate the purchase of new furniture and equipment with the Purchasing Office.

Q: How do we surplus property or transfer an item to another department?
A: Property surplus and transfer procedures can be found at this link:

Q: Our department plans to purchase a new piece of equipment. How do we go about having it installed?
A: Before ordering a new piece of equipment it is important to consider installation requirements and potential impacts on building systems and space. This is especially important with equipment that is required to be hooked up to building services such as electric, water, data, ventilation, or gas. Do not assume existing infrastructure can accommodate the service requirements of new equipment. First consult with Facilities Management, Environmental Health & Safety, Information Technology Systems and University Facilities Planning as appropriate to ensure the building has the necessary resources to support the new piece of equipment. Preplanning and communicating well in advance will help to get new pieces of equipment up and running quickly after the purchase is made.