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University Facilities Planning Office

Facilities Use, Scheduling, Classification, and Utilization




The facilities of Central Washington University are for the use of students, faculty, staff and administrators in meeting the purpose and mission of the university.  Facilities use policy and procedures are to be consistent with Washington Administrative Code 106-140 Use of Facilities

Regularly scheduled academic space is generally scheduled by the Registrar following CWU course scheduling procedures.

All events which do not meet the definitions of academic courses are scheduled through  Scheduling Services.

The University Facilities Planning Office maintains the official space inventory.  Space Classifications are based on the Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM)

Space utilization targets set by the Washington Student Achievement Council WSAC and Office of Financial Management OFM are:

  • 22 hours per week for general scheduled classrooms (classification 110)
  • 16 hours per week for class/labs (classification 210)

CWU tracks instructional space utilization with a hosted X-25 space and scheduling analysis system tied to our S25 scheduling system.