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University Facilities Planning Office


Space and Capital Planning Services

  • Works with departments and units to analyze the suitability of the space they currently occupy and considers the impacts of programmatic, enrollment and staffing changes.
  • Assists in the validation of requirements for capital projects using the State of Washington Facilities Evaluation and Planning Guidelines (FEPG), comparable institution space information and current space utilization studies.
  • Maintains the official space inventory for the university. This inventory includes a database listing square footage by category of use and department assignment. Database information is used for internal and external reporting and analysis.
  • Assists departments and colleges in developing Academic Prospectuses required for all major capital projects.
  • Supports the Facilities Management Department in the development of program plans for capital projects.
  • Performs utilization studies to identify areas of overutilization and underutilization of space resources. Current utilization is considered when evaluating requests for additional space.
  • Space surveys are the mechanism the office uses to validate the spatial, classification and assignment of space for the university's facilities. The survey process helps to ensure a comprehensive and accurate dataset within the space management database.
  • Identifies opportunities to increase the efficient use and allocation of space resources by sharing of resources and mutually beneficial collocations.
  • Supports the University's strategic planning initiatives (programmatic, financial, and physical) from the perspective of space needs and use including performing "what if" scenarios.
  • Makes overall recommendations for space improvement and capital project initiatives by analyzing specific campus facilities needs, developing proposals and recommendations while adhering to the Campus Facilities Master Plan.