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Volunteering/Leadership Ambassadors Sign-up SOURCE 2018


Your availability
Please select at least one time slot for your availability; you may select as many as you like. Typically, volunteers work 2 - 4 hour shifts.

We will only schedule you for one shift unless you indicate that you are willing to volunteer more than one shift. (we will also have snacks throughout the day for our volunteers)

*Your leadership transcripts will reflect the amount of hours you chose to volunteer. 

List of job descriptions:

Judge Buddy
As a volunteer for being a judge buddy, you will be helping the judges find their way around campus. There are  judges who are  not familiar with Central's campus and  we want to make sure they easily locate their room and are helped with all their  needs. The judges will be shuttled via cart from the visitor center and will be   dropped off outside the SURC. As a judge buddy you will be escorting them to their check in station, helping them check in and helping them find their room they will   be judging in. These judges will be coming from outside the Central community so it is important that you represent Central and SOURCE in a  professional  manner.


As a volunteer for check-in you will be sitting at the check-in table and checking students, judges and session chairs in. You will be using computers to check people in and will be assisting with their room location and any other information they will need to know to be at their presentation time. 

Oral Presentation Room Attendant:
As a room attendant you are responsible for assisting the students with their oral presentation and keeping a room count. Each room will have oral presentations going on and you will be in charge of that room. The presenters will need to come and find you and have you check them off the list to show they are there. There is a form for each session that you are responsible to fill out. Between sessions you will have a 10 minute break in which you will need to switch the sign on your door and get your next list of presenters out. You will also provide A/V support as we are live streaming the rooms.

Poster Session Room Attendant:As a poster session room attendant you are responsible for either standing at the main door and counting people in with a clicker or you will be walking around the ballroom to see that all posters and presenters are in their proper location.

As a floater, you will be available to run errands and fill in for student volunteers for breaks etc. You may be asked to do various tasks. You will be there to help out other students who may need a break or have a schedule confliction.

As the photography volunteer, you will be picking up the camera from the check in table (videographers are responsible for supplying their own camera) and you will be responsible for photographing/filming different parts of SOURCE. For example, oral presentations, poster presentations, tabling, check-in interaction, opening fashion show and trombone choir, any demonstrations out on the SURC lawn/patio. The purpose of this is to capture the true atmosphere of SOURCE that we can display on our website, as well as for our promotional material. When you check-out leave the camera (photographers) at the check-in table.

SOURCE Celebration Dinner

There are various jobs we can offer you:  setting up ballroom with decorations and name plates, dinner check-in, staging performances, photography/videographer, licensed bartenders, etc.  Dinner will be provided for this shift. 

Job Descriptions ranked in order of preference (1=first choice, 8=last choice)

Please add any additional information you would like us to know or if you have any questions. Also, you can add here if there is someone you would like to be placed with during your shifts.

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