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Volunteer to judge

Deadline to volunteer: May 1 

Early submissions will be given priority for scheduling.

Faculty, staff, graduate students, alumni, and community members are encouraged to volunteer to serve as judges for student presenters, providing feedback to students on their presentations and nominating the best presenters for awards. 

How the process works

  • Members of the SOURCE planning committee serve as liaisons to recruit judges within their disciplinary areas and communities;
  • People interested in judging volunteer by filling out this form in the weeks leading up to SOURCE;
  • Judges are assigned at least four presentations to judge based on their availability and area of expertise;
  • Each presentation is assigned at least two judges;
  • Judges are anonymous—our goal is for students to present their work with the same energy and enthusiasm to everyone;
  • Judges submit their scoring and feedback online, along with online award nominations by the end of SOURCE on Thursday.
  • Approximately the top 5% of students will receive awards.
  • All students receive their scores and written feedback.

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