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Abstract Submission - CWU Students only (Undergraduate & Graduate Students)

First Author
Valid CWU email address if you have one OR the email address that is best to reach you.
This submission is for undergraduate and graduate students only. If you are faculty/staff/community member, please go to website and click on submission link designated for you.
Primary Faculty or Staff Mentor
(Faculty/Staff Authors must complete mentor information. Faculty/Staff must approve their own abstracts.)
(Valid CWU Email Address Required)
If you do not see your mentor's Department/Program on the list, please select "Other" and fill in their area below
If you do not see your mentor's Department/Program on the above list, type it here.

Please double-check that your mentor's email address is entered correctly. Your mentor will be sent an email to approve your abstract. If the email address you enter here is incorrect, your abstract submission will fail because your mentor will not receive the message to approve your abstract.

Project Information
If you are wanting to present using our online format, you designate Ellensburg campus even though you will be presenting from a remote location. Des Moines campus presentations are poster presentations only.
If you do not see the appropriate subject area, please enter it above.
Did this project involve a study abroad or international experience?
Did this project involve academic service learning?
Must be 250 words or less. The abstract should be one paragraph; do not use hard returns. Do not place your abstract in quotation marks. Use html tags for special characters or formatting in the Title and Abstract.
List 3 keywords that reflect important concepts or topics in your presentation. Capitalize the keywords and separate them with commas. PLEASE NOTE: Along with those 3 keywords, add the words "academic service learning," "diversity," or "sustainability" if they apply to your presentation.
If you are presenting in a panel, you need to list the additional presentations and the corresponding authors that need to be scheduled in the same panel alongside the overall theme for the panel. Please separate presentations using a semi-colon (;).

Special requirements

Please list additional requirements and/or accommodations needed for your presentation below (e.g., internet, table, floor space, power to your poster/creative works display, seating for instrumental performances, rearrangement of room, sign language interpreter, etc.). If you are a creative works or constructed object presenter (especially if you are Engineering Technologies, Safety and Construction) you must specify the amount of floor space needed, if electricity is needed, what size table is needed, please make these instructions very clear, so we can place you accordingly). Note that all oral sessions will have a projector, a computer and PowerPoint. In the box below, please write your additional presentation needs, please write "None" if you do not need anything else in order to present.

Special Session Requests

If there are other presentations you wish to be scheduled with in a session, please describe both the presentations and the desired theme/title of your session. If you would like to present with other specific presenters or in a specific order, please give as much information as possible here so that we may try to honor your request. If you have already filled this information out regarding a panel presentation above, no further information is required.

Central Washington University is committed to creating a learning environment that meets the needs of its diverse student body. If you anticipate or experience any barriers to learning, discuss your concerns with our office.  Students with disabilities should contact Disability Services to discuss a range of options to removing barriers, including accommodations. If you are seeking accommodations for SOURCE, there is the option of temporary registration through Disability Services, which is located in Hogue 126. Call (509) 963-2214 or email for more information.

Did the research involve people as subjects? (surveys, experiments, etc.)
Approval Number
If yes, the research must have been approved by the Human Subjects Review Council (HSRC). If you have not yet received approval, contact Sandra Martinez at x3115. This is the responsibility of the student researcher and mentors.
Did this research involve vertebrate animals as subjects? (experiments, etc.)
Approval Number
If yes, the research must have been approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. If you have not yet received approval contact Jason Irwin at x2884. This is the responsibility of the student researchers and mentors and is only required for vertebrate animals.

Interested in nominating your mentor for an award?

Any student may nominate their mentor for the Mentor of the Year award, sponsored by the United Faculty of Central. Check "Yes" if you wish to nominate your primary mentor, and we will follow up with you. Just checking the box is not enough: You will be sent an email reminder after SOURCE submissions close with more information asking you to submit a 500-word nomination essay

NOTE: Checking "yes" does not complete the nomination process. We will follow up to request the 500-word essay, so please start working on it now, so that it is ready when we request it. This will be after your submission has been approved by your mentor and our department.

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