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Updates on SOLVER Scholar research projects, academic service learning projects, and internships.


     Fortunato Placencia Jr.                                                                          

"The effects of phthalate esters on dopamine neuron degeneration and behavior locomotion using caenorhabditis elegans model".

Investigating Parkinson's disease using small nematode worms. I will be testing plasticizers on these worms to see if they cause neurodegeneration of the dopmaine neurons aka Parkinson's disease.

Future Presentation: Source in Spring 2017 

     Arlene Castro

"Contribution of Irrigation Canals to the Water Quality of Two Streams in Kittitas County, Washington".

In a 2014 study to identify the source of coliforms an Ellensburg, WA stream (Wilson Creek), they found that coliform contamination ceased following the cessation of water flow to nearby irrigation canals, suggesting that the canals were the source of the coliforms. In this project, the goal was to compare the water quality of creeks sampled upsteam and downstream the irrigation canals that intersected 2 creeks (Wilson Creek and Reecer Creek). The hypothesis was that the downstream samples would have the same water quality as the irrigation canal. The samples were analyzed using the 5-tube Most Probable Number (MPN) method. We also extracted DNA from the samples to amplify the 16s RNA gene. Although coliform counts did increase in the stream samples following the opening of the irrigation canals, the data collected did not appear to support the hypothesis that water infiltration from the irrigation canals are responsible for the quality of the streams they intercept.

Presented: ABRCMS Conference in Seattle.



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