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Living Learning Community

The SOLVER Living Learning Community is located in Brooklane Village adjacent to campus. These apartments are family friendly and affordable.


The SOLVER Living Learning Community (LLC) will provide SOLVER Scholars and their families with an opportunity to cultivate a community with other students, families and SOLVER Scholars that share common interests. Students will develop personal and academic relationships with peers and faculty by participating in out-of-classroom enrichment activities that support the SOLVER academic mission. Students will also gain a supportive STEM student, faculty, and professional network, a greater understanding of their academic pursuits, affirmation of their STEM career choice, and enhanced preparedness for their STEM career path.


The SOLVER LLC provides a family-friendly environment for students to access the resources, skill-building tools, and contacts they need to successfully complete a degree in a STEM field. The SOLVER LLC will provide the foundation for personal and professional success while at CWU and beyond. 


  • SOLVER Scholars will build a community to support themselves and each other during their student tenure 
  • SOLVER Scholars will participate in professional development opportunities that will prepare them for STEM careers
  • SOLVER Scholars will be involved in clubs and activities that will enhance their desire for STEM careers.