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Kala Brown Biography

Name: Kala Brown

Hometown: Yakima, WA

Current Standing: Junior

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology

Research or Scholarly InterestsI am interested in researching new technological advancements in aerospace engineering and advancements in renewable energy sources.

What do you like the most about being in SOLVER?

What I like the most about being in SOLVER is feeling like I am a part of something and being able to meet with, and talk to people who are like me and who have similar interests. Also, since joining SOLVER, I have been exposed to so many other opportunities that I didn’t know existed.

What drew you to majoring in "STEM" (the sciences, technology, engineering, or mathematics)?

What drew me to majoring in Engineering was my love for math and science. I have always enjoyed math, science, and technology and I also have a strong desire to help people. So, when exploring career options, I found that Mechanical Engineering was the best fit for me because I get to use my math and science skills to help better the future for generations to come.

What advice would you give to high school or college students who think they might be interested in STEM subjects?

The best advice I could give to high school or college students who think they might be interested in STEM subjects would be to explore and research anything and everything that they are interested in and never give up. There are endless possibilities and opportunities through STEM fields and although they are difficult fields to study, they are well worth the hard work. Also, apply for the SOLVER scholarship!

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