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Kala Brown Biography

Name: Kala Brown

Hometown: Yakima, Washington

Current Standing: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology

Research or Scholarly Interests: High-altitude ballooning


What do you like the most about being in SOLVER?

What I like the most about being in SOLVER is the support and opportunities I receive that I would not have otherwise.


What drew you to majoring in "STEM" (the sciences, technology, engineering, or mathematics)?

What drew me to majoring in STEM, specifically Mechanical Engineering, was my passion for math and science. Majoring in mechanical engineering gives me the chance to be creative as well as utilize my math and science skills.

What advice would you give to high school or college students who think they might be interested in STEM subjects?

The advice I would give to high school or college students who are interested in STEM subjects is to not be intimidated by the level of difficulty. Although it is challenging, it is also very rewarding.

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