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Bryan Plankenhorn Biography

Name: Bryan Plankenhorn

Hometown: Belfair, Washington

Major: Biology (specialization in Biomedical), Chemistry minor

Research or Scholarly Interests:
Interested in DNA.  Also, medicine--particularly in Surgery or Rural/Native medicine.

What do you like the most about being in SOLVER?
Networking with other SOLVER students has been very interesting because not everyone has the same major as you and even if they do, their interests can still be different than yours. It’s nice meeting faculty who will guide you, and make sure that they have done their best for you to succeed and to make use of all the resources they have to offer you.

What drew you to majoring in "STEM" (the sciences, technology, engineering, or mathematics)?
Ever since I was a kid I have always talked about being a doctor. As I got older, I realized that I really do like Biology and what it covers, but I’ve also learned that I really like helping people. Becoming a doctor seem to tie the two perfectly together for me and I’ve enjoyed every Biology class I’ve taken and am still very interested in pursuing medicine.

What advice would you give to high school or college students who think they might be interested in STEM subjects?
I would say follow your heart and to take at least 2 classes in the STEM fields. One in Biology and one in Chemistry. I never planned to minor in Chemistry until I finished the 180 series. If you find something that piques your interest, maybe take another class related to it. There are so many options that are worth exploring. Don’t pick a career for the money; make sure you are following what really interests you, whether that be becoming a Botanist or a Pediatrician.

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