CWUNews FeedNews Feed Scholars, Sociology Students Compete, Excel, 01 Jul 2013 14:21:58<p>The CWU Sociology Department proudly recognizes its students who participated in the McNair Scholars’ Program and in the Symposium On University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) during the 2012-2013 academic year. Below is a list of students and their mentors and their research studies, poster, and oral presentations. Student names are in boldface; names of their faculty mentor(s) follow.</p><p>McNair Scholars’ Program:<br><strong>Diane Buchanan</strong>— Eric Cheney—Thesis title is: “Global Trade Patterns of Trafficking in Persons.”</p><p><br>SOURCE:<br><strong>Danait Tafere</strong>—Michael Mulcahy—Poster Title, “Local-Level Analysis of Multinational Corpora-tions in Less Developed Countries.” Winner of University Centers Best Poster Presentation Award.<br><strong>Nicholas Pucci</strong>—Nelson Pichardo—Oral Presentation, “Tanned and Ripped: The Growth of Male Objectification.”<br><strong>Brian Grimmer</strong>—Eric Cheney—Poster Title: “A Study of Gender within the Cannabis Market.”<br><strong>Brian Grimmer</strong>—Nelson Pichardo—Oral Presentation, “A comparative Study of Urban and Rural Cannabis Politics.”<br><strong>Michael Lee</strong>—Nelson Pichardo, Pamela McMullin-Messier, and Tracey Hoover—Poster Title, “Conducting Social Research: The Occupy Movement in the Pacific Northwest.”<br><strong>Samantha Jackle</strong>—Mike Harrod, Sociology and Kara I Gabriel, Psychology—Oral Presen-tation, “Evaluating the Perceptions of Psychology and Sociology Majors by University Undergraduates.” Nominated for SOURCE 2013 Scholar of the Year Award.<br><strong>Rebecca Webster</strong>—Mike Harrod—Oral Presentation, “The Relationship Between Homeschooling and Child Abuse.”<br><strong>Tyler Cummings</strong>—Mike Harrod—Oral Presentation, “The Relationship Between Artificial Social Environments and Deviance.”<br><strong>Aleisha Sebastian</strong>—Laura Appleton—Oral Presentation, “Inside the Fish Bowl: Application of Sociological Theory to Observations of State Government.”<br><strong>Neko Phillips</strong>—Pamela McMullin-Messier—Oral Presentation, “Gender Representations and Stereotypes on Gamers and Games.” Nominated for SOURCE 2013 Scholar of the Year Award.</p></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br>