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Nelson Pichardo Almanzar

Nelson A. Pichardo AlmanzarBackground

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Nelson has been a member of the faculty at Central since 1999. He teaches a wide range of classes including Minority Groups, Ethnic Awareness, Social Movements, Political Sociology, the Sociology of Sport, Sociology of Education, and Sociology of the Future. His research interests center around the study of social movements. Hs current focus is on right wing movements. He is currently working on an examination of ideology of the religious right (reconstructionism) and a book on the Associated Farmers of California, a fascist pro-business social movement of the 1930s.

Recent Publications:

Pichardo Almanzar, Nelson A. and Kulik, Brian W. 2013. "American Fascism and the New Deal: The Associated Farmers of California and the Pro-Industrial Movement".  Lexington Books

Pichardo Almanzar, Nelson A. and Cedric Herring. 2004. "Sacrificing for the Cause: Another Look at High-Risk/Cost Activism." Race and Society, Volume 7: 113-129.

Pichardo Almanzar, Nelson A. 2003. "Social Movement Theories and the Future: An Examination of the Works of Alvin Toffler." International Journal of Futures Studies Vol. 5.

Pichardo Almanzar, Nelson A. 2003. "Framing the User: Social Constructions of Marijuana Users and the Medical Marijuana Movement." Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences.