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Illicit Networks Workshop

This year's Illicit Network Workshop will be held in Seattle, Washington, USA on November 12 and 13.  The event is hosted by Central Washington University and Équipe de recherche sur la délinquance en réseau/International Center for Comparative Criminology at the University of Montreal.

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The Illicit Networks Workshop initiative is a group of scholars and analysts from across the world who share a network perspective in furthering the understanding of the activities of individuals, groups, and organizations engaged in co-offending, organized crime, gangs, transnational crime, financial crime, terrorism, corruption issues, and cybercrime. While some members draw heavily on social network analysis, others rely on other methods (e.g., ethnography) for studying illicit networks.

An invitation is extended to those interested to submit an abstract (title + max 250 word) by Wednesday, June 20, 2018. Abstracts should be submitted via email ( Authors whose papers are accepted for a presentation will have their hotel accommodation covered for two nights in Seattle. Participants who are presenting papers will not be required to pay a registration fee. Successful applicants will be notified by July 20, 2018.

Speakers will be required to prepare a paper in advance that will be made available to all participants. The deadline for final paper submission is October 12, 2018. As was the case during each of the previous workshops, we will seek to publish the papers in a journal special issue or edited volume. In addition to the speakers, the workshop will also be attended by a limited number of graduate students, law-enforcement and criminal intelligence agencies, and policy groups.​

If you have questions, please contact Dannica Price by Phone (509-963-2135) or by email (


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