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Griff Tester

Judy HennessyBackground

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology. I earned my PhD and MA in Sociology from Ohio State University and my BA in Communications from the University of Akron.


My overarching goal as a teacher is to use the classroom as a site of intellectual, personal, and social inspiration and transformation. To do this, I am committed to interactive and collaborative learning, developing students’ critical thinking skills, and creating an accessible learning environment.
I regularly teach Social Research Methods, Social Movements, Social Problems, Minority Groups, Urban Sociology, Community Structure & Organization, and Sociology of Sexuality. I have also taught Introduction to Queer Studies, Sociology of Housing, and the Sociology of HIV/AIDS.


My research is dedicated to using primarily qualitative methods to study the experiences of inequality, as well as the resistance and resilience, of groups that have a special relationship to the conditions of urban life. My early research focused on race- and gender-based housing discrimination and the demolition of public housing in Atlanta. My current research examines the lived experiences of lesbian and gay elders and their communities. In this work, I use comprehensive, on-going case studies and biographical methods that allow me to capture important social events and bring in a strong historical context to my analysis.

Selected Recent Publications

2016 Griff Tester and Eric R. Wright. “Older Gay Men and Their Support Convoys.” The Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences (Forthcoming).

2014 Nella Van Dyke and Griff Tester. “Dangerous Climates: Factors Influencing Variation in Racist Hate Crimes on College Campuses.” Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 30:290-309.

2013 Griff Tester & Adia M. Harvey Wingfield. “Moving Past Picket Fences: The Meaning of Home for Public Housing Residents.” Sociological Forum 28(1):70-84.




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