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College of the Sciences

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Full-Time Faculty Members

Specialities/Courses Contact Information

Faculty Advisor

Crime, Law and Deviance; economic sociology; formal organizations; statistics; research methods / SOC 107, SOC 344, SOC 345, SOC 346, SOC 349, SOC 363, SOC 354, SOC 364, SOC 398, SOC 415, SOC 459, and SOC 489

Email: Eric Cheney—Samuelson 202, Ph. 963-2195



Vice President for Inclusivity and Diversity - President's Office
For a great video on Social Justice see Tim Wise talking about "White Privilege"

Faculty Advisor-Not Teaching

Criminology, life-course, American society, minorities, ethnic studies, American Indian studies / SOC 352, EtS 101, SOC 365, SOC 445

Email: Kandee Cleary

VP I&D Ph. 963-2152





Sandra Galta, Ph.D., Full-time Lecturer  
-Samuelson 231J, Ph. 963-3424

Mike Harrod, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Associate Dean for College of the Sciences




Not Teaching

Social psychology, criminology theory, intimate partner violence, statistics, research methods / SOC 107, SOC 346, SOC 363, SOC 364

Email: Mike Harrod —Samuelson 231E, Ph 3131

Associate Dean Ph. 963-3678

Or College of the Sciences Dean's Office, Dean Hall




Judy Hennessy, Ph.D., Professor



Faculty Advisor

Social welfare & poverty, gender, sociology of family / SOC 350, SOC 357, SOC 442, SOC 460

Email: Judy Hennessy —Samuelson 231C, Ph. 963-1574


Tracey Haggerty-Lester (formerly Hoover), Ph.D., Full-time Senior Lecturer

Faculty Advisor

Gender and Identity, Feminist Movements, Family and Socialization, and Media / SOC 107, SOC 445, SOC 369, SOC 351, SOC 325 and SOC 363

Email: Tracey Haggerty-Lester-- Samuelson 231J, Ph-963-2227

Pamela McMullin Messier, Ph.D., Associate Professor



Faculty Advisor

Demography, Aging, Collective Action, Social Justice, Environmental Studies, Family, and Gender & Sexuality/ SOC 101, SOC 107, SOC 326, SOC 380

Email: Pamela McMullin-Messier —Samuelson 231A, Ph. 963-2222




Nelson Pichardo, Ph.D., Professor



Faculty Advisor

Ethnic studies, social movements / ETS 101, SOC 107, SOC 362, SOC 365, SOC 425

Email: Nelson Pichardo—Samuelson 232, Ph. 963-1348



Peggy Roberts,
M.S. Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Does Not Advise

SOC 101-Social Problems, SOC 107-Principles of Sociology

Email:Peggy Roberts —Samuelson 231H, Ph. 509-963-2061

Connie Robinson, Ph.D., Full-time Senior Lecturer



Does Not Advise

Historical sociology, political sociology, social movements, race, ethnicity & nation / SOC 101, SOC 107, SOC 370

Email:Connie Robinson —Samuelson 231D, Ph. 963-2061

Jessica Strawn, M.A. Sociology, Full-time Senior Lecturer Criminology & communities, juvenile rehabilitation / SOC 101 Email:Jessica Strawn—Samuelson 231B, Ph. 963-1370

 Griff Tester, Ph. D., Associate Professor




Faculty Advisor

Aging; Sexualities; Community & Urban Sociology. SOC 107, SOC 362, SOC 363, SOC 365, SOC 460

—Samuelson 231I, Ph. 963-2005
Baiqing (Cynthia) Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Criminology; stats; theory; methods Email: Baiqing Zhang - Samuelson 231K, Ph. 963-1331

Part-Time Faculty Members

The Following Faculty does not advise students  
Julie Aldcroft,
Ph.D Adjunct Senior Lecturer
SOC 307, SOC 346, SOC 357, SOC 370 Email: Julie Aldcroft,—West-side/Online Lecturer
Sandra Galta,
Ph.D Adjunct Senior Lecturer
SOC 107-Principles of Sociology Email: Sandra Galta
Jennifer Maclin ,
M.A. Adjunct Senior Lecturer
SOC 344, SOC 356, SOC 365, SOC 442 Email: Jennifer Maclin,—West-side/Online Lecturer
Arthur Manjarrez,
A.B.D. Adjunct Lecturer
  Email: Arthur Manjarrez, Samuelson 231F, PH 3077

Inequalities, race and ethnicity, social class, gender, neighborhoods and communities, social justice, social psychology, statistics. SOC 101, SOC 107, SOC 364 SOC 365, and SOC 445

Elizabeth Schmitz-Binal ,
M.A. Adjunct Lecturer
SOC 351, SOC 320 Email: Elizabeth Schmitz-Binal,—West-side Lecturer
Lindsey Vaagen ,
M.S.W. Adjunct Senior Lecturer
SOC 301, SOC 310 Email: Lindsey Vaagen,—West-side/Online Lecturer
Emeritus Faculty Members    
Laura Appleton,Ph.D., Professor
Faculty: 1970-2016


CWU Remembers Laura Appleton

CWU Professor Leaves Behind Lasting Legacy

Daily Record - Laura Appleton

William (Bill) Benson, Ph.D.
Emeritus - Not teaching
Faculty: 1968-2000
Jack Dugan, Ph.D., Professor
Faculty: 1961-2009

Jack R. Dugan Sociology Award

Daily Record - Jack Dugan

Kirk Johnson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus - Not teaching Area of teaching: Criminology, delinquency, victimization, organizations, methods
David Kaufman, Ph.D.
Emeritus - Not teaching
Faculty: 1971-2003

Email: David Kaufman

CWU Retirement Association Interviews: David Kaufman Video Interview

Charles McGehee, Ph.D.
Emeritus - Not teaching
Faculty: 1969-1999

Email: Charles McGehee

CWU Retirement Association Interviews: Charles McGehee Interview


Kelly Zakel-Larson Department Secretary Email: Kelly Zakel-Larson—Samuelson 202, Ph. 509-963-1305
Academic Counselor    
Arthur Manjarrez 509-963-3077 - General Advisor office Farrell Email: Arthur Manjarrez


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