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2021 Winter Syllabi

Sociology and Ethnic Studies Syllabi (ETS will be noted on syllabi for those courses)

101.A01,A02,A03 Social Problems_Peggy Roberts

107.A01 Principles of Sociology_Connie Robinson

107.A02 Principles of Sociology_Tracey Haggerty-Lester

107.A03, A04 Principles of Sociology_Gary Myers, III

109.A01 Social Construction of Race_Arthur Manjarrez

300.A01 Introduction to the Major_Pamela McMullin-Messier

300.A02 Introduction to the Major_Connie Robinson

301.A01 Introduction and History to Social Service Agencies_Lindsey Vaagen

301.A02 Introduction and History to Social Service Agencies_Jessica Strawn

305.A01 American Society_Ericka Cooley

307.A01 Individual and Society_Julie Aldcroft

310.A01 Social Services Methods and Casework_Lindsey Vaagen

310.A01 Social Services Methods and Casework_Jessica Strawn

320.A01 Death and Dying_Elizabeth Schmitz-Binnall

322.A01 Sociology of Food_Sarah Samblanet

325.A01, A02 Aging_Griff Tester

327.A01 Health and Society_Elizabeth Schmitz-Binnall

343.A01 Child Abuse_Jessica Strawn

344.A01, A02 Juvenile Deliquency_Jennifer Maclin

346.A01 Criminology_Julie Aldcroft

350.001 Social Theory I_Judy Hennessy

351.A01 Sociology of Work_Tracey Haggerty-Lester

354.A01 The Minority Experience_Nelson Pichardo (crosslisted with ETS)

356.001 Sociology of Gender_Judy Hennessy

357.A01, A02 Sociology of Families_Julie Aldcroft

363.A01, A02 Methods of Social Research_Nik Summers

364.A01 Data Analysis in Sociology_Sarah Samblanet

364.A02 Data Analysis in Sociology_Eric Cheney

365.A01 Minority Groups_Sarah Samblanet

369.A01 Social Construction of Whiteness - Manjarezz_ETS

375.A01 Sociology of Conflict_Connie Robinson

380.A01 Environmental Sociology_Connie Robinson

386.A01 Seminar on Racism_Nelson Pichardo

442.A01 Social Welfare Policy_Jennifer Maclin

445.A01 Social Inequality_Tracey Haggerty-Lester

446.A01 Sociology of Immigration_Sandra Galta (crosslisted with ETS)

447.A01 White-Collar and Organized Crime_Eric Cheney

459.A01 Organizations_Eric Cheney

489.A01 Senior Seminar_Griff Tester

489.A02 Senior Semianr_Nik Summers












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