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¡SOBRE México!: Student Opportunities for Biological Research in Mexico

¡SOBRE México!

Variation in Food and Nesting Resources for Parrots and Other Cavity-nesting Birds

Dr. Daniel Beck, Dr. Katherine Renton, and Dr. Jorge Vega Rivera
Resource variation for birds in seasonally dry tropical forest
Field of Research: 
Conservation Biology and Avian Ecology
Estación de Biología, Chamela

Dr. Renton and her students are characterizing spatial and temporal variation in food (fruiting phenology of trees) and habitat resources (tree cavities) used by dry forest birds. She has invited CWU students to join her in monitoring transects in three habitat types (deciduous forest, semi-deciduous forest, and watercourses) to test for habitat variation in resource availability.

Examples of specific projects include:

  • Characterize habitat variation in fruiting phenology of trees used by dry forest birds
  • How do habitat use and vocalizations by chachalacas (and other SDTF endemic birds) change during transition from dry to wet seasons?
  • How do nesting resources for primary and secondary cavity-nesters vary across the landscape?

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