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Special Education Technology Center
400 East University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Phone: 509-963-3350
Fax: 509-963-3355

Pricing Information

ServiceFeeDescriptionStudent Centered SupportClassroom Centered SupportBlg./District Level SupportRegional & Statewide Support
Telephone & e-Mail Consultation
No Fee
Contact us at
any time with questions related to student, classroom or district assistive technology (AT) needs.
Discussion Forum
No Fee
Log in anytime to seek or share information &  insights on AT topics. Questions regarding individual student needs should be made through telephone or e-mail contact.
Lending LIbrary (1 month trial loans)
No Fee
Borrow AT devices or software for a 1-month trial loan. Try direct interventions with a student, integrate
Webinar Tech. Overviews & Demos
No Fee
A webinar is an Internet-based presentation combined with telephone communication. See the SETC website for a calendar of regularly scheduled webinars on a variety of AT topics or call to schedule a webinar on a topic or product of your choice.
Hands-on Technology Assistance at SETC site
$150 per
school team
(2 hours)
Meet with a SETC staff member at a SETC site to explore the implementation of specific software or other AT products according to the needs of your student(s) or classroom. See the SETC website for a calendar of session dates & times.
Classsroom Observation & Consultation
$125** (per hour)
We offer informal student-specific, classroom-specific, or multi-classroom AT consultation at your site. We can evaluate the usefulness of technology you own, suggest new solutions and make technology implementation recommendations, and provide technical assistance.
Technology Collaboration via Video Conference
$275 (3 hours)
Meet with 2 SETC staff members for student-specific AT planning. See the SETC website to download the application & guidelines.
Inservice at
SETC site
1/2 day
(per person)

Full day
(per person)
See the SETC website for a calendar of hands-on workshops & presentations.
Inservice at
school site
1/2 day
(per person)

Full day
(per person)
See the SETC website for a detailed list of inservice offerings. Choose hands-on workshops & presentations from this list or request a custom training designed to meet the specific needs of your classrooms, staff and students.

* School district is responsible for cost of return shipping
** 3 hour minimum / All travel costs included
*** All travel costs included

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