Services and Activities

S&A Committee Members 2013-2014

Member TypePositionMember NameTerm Ends
VotingASCWU-BOD, EX VP and CHAIRJacob Wittman6/30/2014
Voting1 of 8 Students, Vice ChairRobert Moser6/30/2014
Voting2 of 8 Students, ParliamentarianAshley Stubbs6/30/2014
Voting3 of 8 StudentsJD Charest6/30/2014
Voting4 of 8 StudentsMyles Glover6/30/2014
Voting5 of 8 StudentsRobert Lane6/30/2014
Voting6 of 8 StudentsDerek Whittom6/30/2014
Voting7 of 8 StudentsJosh Muttart6/30/2014
Voting8 of 8 StudentsKathryn O'Neal6/30/2014
Voting1 of 3 FacultyJohn Bowen6/30/2014
Voting2 of 3 FacultyTodd Shiver6/30/2016
Voting3 of 3 FacultySarah Feeney6/30/2017
VotingPresident's AppointeeConnie Williams


Non-votingDean, Student SuccessJoey Bryantn/a
Non-votingStudent Funds Financial ManagerSharon Jonassenn/a