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Services and Activities

Minutes - Oct 8, 2008

Services and Activities Fee Committee

Minutes October 8, 2008

Meeting called to order:

Julia Cain called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and attendance was taken.


Jack Baker, Julia Cain, Ed Day, Megan Hammond, Kay Kenison, Kevin Kimball, Riley LaMie, Caitlin Morrison, Stephanie Oberlander, Scott Robinson, Brook Rutledge, and Brent Weisel. Excused: Wendy Williams (still waiting for appointment)

Approval of the minutes from October 1, 2008:

Brent Weisel moved to approve the minutes as presented. Caitlin Morrison seconded. Motion carried. (9 in favor.)

Public Comment:


Supplemental Requests for Funding:

Reminder that in accordance to the Guidelines, the supplemental requests are presented (10 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for questions and answers) then at the following week’s meeting, the request is discussed and a vote is taken.

Parade of Nations – Domonique Meeks presented a request for funding of the Third Annual Parade of Nations fashion show including a live performance of Yerba Buana, a Latin Fusion band. The proposal is for two performances of the band (one performance on the Ellensburg Campus and the other performance possibly in Yakima or Wenatchee) and a master class. Last year, the attendance was over 600 and more are expected this year. The proposal is for $23,600, including $9,000 for airfare, instrument rental, lodging, master class, and facility charge; $600 for promotion; and $14,000 honorarium (2 performances). The fashion show would only be held on the Ellensburg campus, but the band will perform at both locations-Ellensburg and Yakima or Wenatchee. The committee would like to know the specifics of the proposed committed dollars. The Parade of Nations is scheduled for November 20, 2008; and if supplemental funds are awarded, they would not be approved until the December Board of Trustees meeting. The committee would like to know what the plan for payment to the band would be before BOT approval is granted. Scott Drummond added support of the fashion show and bringing the band to campus and is willing to help with promotion. As a reminder, this proposal will be voted on at the next S&A meeting. It was suggested committee members could call or email Domonique Meeks with their questions so he will be prepared next week.

Review of the Spending Guidelines: Jack Baker shared Washington State Legislation-- RCW 28B.15, "Services and Activities Fees Guidelines governing establishment and funding of programs." The current S&A guidelines incorporate these state mandates. Mr. Baker encouraged committee member to review the legislation.

Jack Baker and Ed Day reviewed the new guide for service providers: "Spending Your S&A Fee Allocation, A guide for Advisors, Staff and Students." The guide shows service providers how to spend and account for their S&A funds and also provides a section of commonly-asked questions. Jack reviewed the commonly-asked questions with the S&A committee so they know what is expected of the providers after the funds have been allocated.

Schedule of Next Meeting:

The next meeting is Wednesday, October 15, 2008, at 5:30 p.m.

For the good of the order:
  • Ed Day will be working on a standardized supplemental request form, making processing requests easier with consistent information.
  • Kevin Kimball suggested we change the supplemental budget process to a one-time funding request process. He suggested that the committee recognize that we have a larger than normal balance available and that the committee establishes an amount to be distributed through the normal supplemental budget request and that the committee discusses what to do with the balance of the funds. Kevin Kimball also suggested that the committee may not want to distribute all of the funds in the normal supplemental budget process. the S&A Committee could make the supplemental funds for this year available to all the providers on a one-time funding request for a specific need or project, due by a specific date. The committee would then review all requests at one time and prioritize the requests to the funds available instead of allocating funds on an individual basis as they come in.
  • Jack Baker reported that Jackie Johnson, Career Services, thought she was on the agenda tonight, but there was a miscommunication and she is not on the agenda, but Ms. Johnson wanted the Committee to know how her funding is being reallocated to fund "peer mentors." Jackie Johnson will be out for several weeks, but on her return, she would like to explain the new program.

The meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.