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Services and Activities

Minutes - Oct 5, 2011

Meeting called to order:
Paul Stayback called the meeting to order at 5:33 p.m.

Added to the agenda Election of Chair, after election of Vice Chair. Agenda approved as changed. It should be noted that the revised S&A Guidelines have not been approved. We are operating under the S&A Guidelines that were approved at the June 10-11, 2010 Board of Trustees meeting. The new guidelines are in process through the channels.

Student Members: Ahmed Almatrouk, Isa Harrison, Sheila Jones, Jason Leatherman, Brad Nelson, Paul Stayback. Professors and Professional Staff: Jack Baker, John Bowen, Ed Day, Sharon Jonassen, Kay Kenison, Scott Robinson, and Wendy Williams. Guest: Ivana Trottman, student member of the Board of Trustee

Approval of Minutes:
Approval of the minutes from June 1, 2011: Brad Nelson moved to approve the minutes. Jason Leatherman seconded. Motion carried. (Brad Nelson was the only member from last year's S&A Committee)

Public Comment:
Ivanna Trottman was introduced and she is the new student representative to the Board of Trustees and was a member of last year's S&A Committee.

Paul Stayback mentioned that we will be following the current guidelines and are waiting for the revisions to be approved by the Board of Trustees. The ASCWU BOD will be sent the S&A agenda and materials before the Wednesday meeting and encouraged to attend.

Update Report:
Jack Baker explained that at the beginning of next year, we will start the third year of updates from S&A providers explaining their programs, how their money has been spent and the benefit to students.

Election of Vice Chair:
Jason Leatherman was nominated for the position of Vice Chair.

Brad Nelson made a motion to approve Jason Leatherman as Vice Chair for the S&A Committee. Sheila Jones seconded. Motion carried.

Election of Chair:
Paul Stayback was nominated as chair of the S&A Committee.

Brad Nelson made a motion to approve Paul Stayback in the position of chair of the S&A Committee. Jason Leatherman seconded. Motion carried.

In the proposed guidelines that are waiting to be approved by the Board of Trustees, the Chair will be the Executive Vice President from the ASCWU BOD, therefore, the S&A Committee chose to elected Paul Stayback, the current Executive Vice President on the ASCWU BOD. Supplemental or Base Funding Requests – Presentations: None at this time, but three are on hold, because the first two sessions of S&A are training sessions.

Supplemental or Base Funding Requests to be voted on: None

New Business:
Training for S&A Committee review of policies and procedures:

The schedule of S&A meetings for this year has listed several meetings that will be cancelled because of holidays, finals week and school breaks. The committee was reminded to consider the S&A meeting date and time, when joining clubs and organizations, and setting class schedules for upcoming quarters.

Jack Baker reviewed the following:

  • Washington State Legislature RCW 28B.15.041-45 "Services and activities fees" and RCW 28B.10.825 "Institutional student loan fund for needy students" and RCW 28B.15.069 "Building fees-S&A fees-Other fees."
  • Open Public Meetings Act - RCW 42.30. The committee cannot vote on items unless they are on the agenda, so if you see a need for the committee to consider, be sure to contact Jack Baker to place it on the agenda.
  • "Guidelines for Permissible Use of Services and Activities Fees", February 8, 2010. These guidelines are the most recent update to a document known as the "Killian Outline." It was also pointed out examples of permissible uses of S&A fees.
  • "Killian Outline" dated October 23, 1980 and revision dated April 1, 1988.
  • “Student & Activities Fees” by Margaret Smith, CIA
  • "Spending Your S&A Fee Allocations" June 2008. This guide was created to help the S&A providers know what is allowable and acceptable and how to comply with University and state requirements.
  • "CWU General Guidelines and Procedures for Use of Service & Activities Fees" approve June 5-6, 2008. The proposed changes from last year's committee have not been approved and are awaiting the final approval by the Board of Trustees so we are operating with the latest version approved June 10-11, 2010, which removed the voting of the three faculty members and one university administrator.

Jack reviewed the guidelines and brought to the committee's attention the attendance guidelines and the procedure for supplemental funding, which the committee will be authorizing during this year, and the priorities given for consideration.

Other Business:
Timeline for processing items to the Board of Trustees has increased with items being reviewed by the Business and Finance Committee and the Provost before going to the President's office one month before the Board of Trustees meeting. This can be a problem getting items approved. We will be working on clarifying this timeline.

Do we wish to broadcast on CWU TV? The fee is $25.00 each time. There were questions on timing and how many times it would be broadcast, if they are archived-how long, or video on demand.

Streaming live—is it saved and rebroadcast? Are they archived and how to access if they are?

Do you wish to have the Parliamentary Procedures training by Dr. Backlund? The committee agreed this was a good idea. We will schedule him for the third week, October 19, and also hear the supplemental requests which are waiting.

Committee application is online at the ASCWU BOD website if anyone knows of someone who is interested in serving on several available committees, including S&A. Please have them apply.

Jack Baker will be out of town next Wednesday, but Sharon Jonassen will be presenting the financial training.

Schedule of Next Meeting:
Next meeting October 12, 2011 in SURC 301 starting at 5:30 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 7:52 p.m.


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