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Minutes - Oct 25, 2006

Attendance: David Boyd-Farmer, Adrian Elmo, Victoria Gutierrez, Jamese Johnson, Alexander Kobrianov, David Reynolds, Kathryn Ruth, Penglin Wang, Wendy Williams, Scott Robinson, Kevin Kimball, Ed Day, Jack Baker

Meeting called to order: 5:02 PM

Approval of minutes from October 11, 2006

  • Kevin Kimball moved to approve the minutes as is
  • Kathryn Ruth seconded

11 in favor
1 abstention
Motion passed

New Business: none

Kevin Kimball wanted to know what type of supplemental requests the committee wanted to fund and what criteria they want the students to meet:

  • Committee wants to hear what the student wants the funding for, not just a request on paper
  • Student must fulfill criteria such as: not for personal use, cannot get money from departments
  • Make sure that the S&A are suppose to help fund
  • Be open and hear each case individually
  • The student is actively participating in the function

Supplemental Requests:

  1. Vocal Jazz group- Vijay Singh
    • Vocal Jazz 1 group to New York City, NY
    • Asking for $10,000-$11,000
    • Asking for money to perform at the International Association of Jazz Educators convention on January 10-14, 2007
    • Invitation is by audition only and CWU is one of 6 vocal groups selected
    • 20 total: 8 women and 12 men
    • Accumulated funding from outside sources- $7,000
    • Received $2,000 from the department, $1,000 from the Dean, $4,000 from Dr. Tullos
    • Students are willing to do some fund raising
    • Will perform for the students and community
    • Cannot attend unless funded by S & A
  2. Marching Band- Larry Gookin
    • Requesting for $4,150 for Marching band
    • Money will be used for cleaning uniforms, percussion repairs, student salaries, water for games, and sweat shirts (uniforms)

Supplemental request to be voted on:

  1. Vocal Jazz Group
    • David Reynolds opens discussion
    • Wants them to find other sources to help fund the group
    • Still going to ask the Provost to help fund
    • Alexander Kobrianov moved to approve $10,000 for the Vocal Jazz group convention
    • Adrain Elmo seconded
    • Discussion
    • Jamese Johnson asked for a friendly amendment to approve a lesser amount. Kathryn Ruth suggested $9,000
    • Alexander Kobrianov agreed
    • Adrain Elmo seconded
    • 10 in favor
    • 1 abstention
    • Motion passes

For the good of the order

  • Jack Baker reported there are more supplemental requests coming up

Kathryn Ruth moved to adjourn meeting
Scott Robinson seconded
All in favor

Meeting adjourned at: 6:00 PM

Minutes approved as amended on November 1, 2006.


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