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Services and Activities

Minutes - Oct 21, 2009

Services and Activities Fee Committee

Minutes October 21, 2009

Meeting called to order:

Tyler Anderson, Chair, called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m. and attendance was taken.


Tyler Anderson, Jack Baker, Kiley Baker, Ed Day, Kay Kenison, Scott King, Pedro Navarrete, Brad Nelson, Teri Willard, and Wendy Williams. Excused: Scott Robinson and Lauren Short

Approval of Minutes:

Approval of the minutes from October 14, 2009: Scott King moved to approve the minutes as submitted. Kiley Baker seconded. Motion carried.

Public Comment:

No public comment.

Supplemental Requests:

Student Fashion Society: Stephanie Sype presented the supplemental request for $9,368.00 to cover the tour, shuttle for the tour and airfare for 16 student attendees. The total cost per student for the trip is $969.70. The Fashion Society plans on requesting funds from Academic Senate and the Equity and Service Council and doing fund raising. Stephanie explained the five officers of the club will be going and she shared the criteria for selecting the additional club members to attend, which includes writing an essay. Last year the fashion club went to New York with 19 students--19 students were too many logistically to travel together. Central has a great program for fashion merchandising; they offer many opportunities in the diversity and growing fashion industry and have attracted students from other states. The tour will benefit the students and others by showing the many sides of the fashion industry. The committee also asked if there were plans for bringing the information back to other fashion merchandising students, the Student Fashion Society and the campus. Stephanie said “most definitely” and the experiences they gain will be used in classes and shared with the other club members as well help in the production of the CWU fashion show this spring, which is open to the campus and the public. The S&A Committee will consider the request and vote on it at their next meeting.

Other business:
  • Jack Baker asked the committee if they would like copies of the supplemental requests brought to the meetings. The committee agreed that members could read their emails and print their own copies.
  • In-depth reviews: The committee will review a third of the providers each year in the next three years. The fourth year will be presentations by the providers for their next 4-year cycle funding. Wendy Williams volunteered to organize the list of providers for in-depth reviews. It was decided that several would not need to be considered for reviewed at this time.
  • Ed Day has been working with the State Auditors-accountability audit reviewing the S&A Committee process. The Auditors are insuring that that student money is being spent on student services and the rationale of increasing the S&A fee to 14%. (The increase has been tied to the tuition increase for several years and was continued during last year’s S&A decision.) Ed said it is an interesting process working with the auditors and he hopes that they will provide clarification and feedback for the S&A committee and their service providers.
  • Jack Baker received a memo from the University Suggestion Box regarding the “centers” (service providers on the second floor of the SURC). These suggestions will be taken into consideration as the in-depth reviews are done in the next few years. Jack will respond to the inquiry.
  • Central Transit may be making a supplemental request next week.

Schedule of Next Meeting: October 28, 2009.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 p.m.


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