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Services and Activities

Minutes - Oct 14, 2009

Services and Activities Fee Committee

Minutes October 14, 2009

Meeting called to order:

Tyler Anderson, Interim Chair, called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and attendance was taken.


Tyler Anderson, Kiley Baker, Ed Day, Kay Kenison, Scott King, Pedro Navarrete, Brad Nelson, Scott Robinson, Lauren Short, Teri Willard, and Wendy Williams. Excused: Jack Baker

Introduction of Members of the S&A Committee for the 2009-2010 school year.
Public Comment:

No public comment.


Where is all the money? Update regarding the finances of the S&A Committee.
Ed Day shared with the Committee the status of funds the S&A Committee will have to work with this year. He explained the tuition each student pays per quarter, about $200 comes to the S&A Committee. The past committee voted to increase the S&A fee to coincide with the tuition increase of 14%. He showed the fixed costs the S&A Committee is committed to pay each year for the Campus Life administration, SUB custodial, SUB Engineering, Univ. Recreation administration, Intramural Sports & Open Recreation, Outdoor Pursuits, and SURC Bond Funding. It should be noted that Scheduling is now under this category with a set fee of $30,000 that was approved by the Committee last year. Ed went over the website and showed the Committee how to navigate to see what service providers requested for the next four years and how the providers plan on using their funding. He also pointed out the total each provider requested and the total they were awarded. This year the Committee will be dealing with supplemental requests and they may be from the service providers, student clubs, individuals, and other groups.

Supplemental requests and how these funds might be used were discussed. The Committee could decided to give each provider a 3% increase to their base funding, but it would be over the four-year funding cycle, and with the unknown of state funding, the Committee may not want to commit to four years. The Committee will be facing decisions on large and small supplemental requests and they will need to prioritize as we go forward in this funding year.

Discussion Items:

Discussion regarding the development of guidelines for supplemental requests.
It was suggested that we adhere to the procedure implemented last year; hearing the request one week and voting on the request the following week. This allows time to think about the proposal, and poll friends and other students regarding the proposal.

There is a concern with the timing of the Board of Trustee meetings, and the S&A allocations. Last year, a flex budget was set up and Jack Baker manages it for specific funding issues when timing is a factor.

Scott Robinson shared several suggested guidelines for supplemental funding to be considered:

One-time Funding:

  • Number of students affected directly and indirectly
  • Balance requests
  • Academics vs. student service activities
  • No food
  • How much are they personally contributing
  • Other alternatives

One-time Service Provider Requests

  • The service providers have the opportunity in the four-year cycle to rollover to the next year for purchases, or programming costing more than their yearly projections, or for new projects or programming.
  • Service providers may also come to the S&A Committee for one-time supplemental funds.

Service Base:

  • Risk of losing services currently provided.

Supplemental Requests will follow the General Guidelines and Procedures for Use of Services & Activities Fees: D. 1.a. Supplemental requests will be considered by the Services and Activities Fee Committee as follows:

  • 1st priority: Pertains to conditions which could not reasonably have been anticipated by the S&A base funding recipient at the time of the base funding requests (includes the addition of essential equipment due to loss, destruction, premature failure, etc.)
  • 2nd Priority: Pertains to opportunities to add, expand, or enhance programs, activities or services that DO NOT RESULT in the addition non-student payroll positions.
  • 3rd Priority: Pertains to opportunities to add, expand, or enhance programs, activities or services that RESULT in the addition non-student payroll positions.

The “Centers” pay S&A fees too, and it is important to remember what will benefit the “Centers.”

The S&A supplemental budget will be set at the next meeting. It is proposed to increase the savings this year.

Discussion regarding the development of a site/program review process.
In the past in-depth reviews have been done by 1 faculty member and 2 students going to different providers and reporting back to the Committee. The Committee can decide if they are going to visit the providers or have an in-depth discussion at the S&A meeting. We will need to review a third of the providers each year. The current Committee would send their review to the next committee and share the items for follow up and the criteria used for their evaluation.

Review suggestions from last year’s S&A Committee.

  • On-line poll
  • Standardize student pay (possibly during in-depth review)
  • Follow-up on awarded dollars to supplemental recipients
  • Suggested having the chair draft a letter inviting recipients of S&A supplemental funding to come back to the committee to share what was accomplished, what was learned, and the benefit to direct and indirect students.
  • Information to students regarding the S&A committee, so many don’t know about the committee and what it does.
  • Early Learning Center (child care): Wendy Williams gave a short overview of the history of early learning center and how it functions with student and faulty/staff child care. This may be a candidate for the in-depth review, because there have been many questions over the years and at one point a committee was formed to meet and discuss the program and how it should be funded.
  • Committee members are equals.

Select a Chair:

Tyler Anderson was nominated for the chair position, Kiley Baker was nominated (she withdrew her nomination), and Pedro Navarrete was also nominated. A paper ballot was taken. Tyler Anderson was voted in as Chair for 2009-2010; Pedro Navarrete was elected vice chair.

Other business:

Approval of the minutes from October 7, 2009: Lauren Short moved to approve the minutes as submitted. Scott Robinson seconded. Motion carried. (2 abstention)

Schedule of Next Meeting: October 21, 2009.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


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