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Minutes - Oct 12, 2011

Meeting called to order:
Paul Stayback called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m.

Jason Leatherman made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. Ahmed Almatrouk seconded. Motion carried

Student Members: Ahmed Almatrouk, Isa Harrison, Jason Leatherman, Brad Nelson, Paul Stayback. Professors and Professional Staff: John Bowen, Ed Day, Sharon Jonassen, Kay Kenison, and Scott Robinson. Excused: Sheila Jones, Jack Baker, and Wendy Williams.

Approval of Minutes:
Approval of the minutes from October 5, 2011: Ahmed Almatrouk moved to approve the minutes. Jason Leatherman seconded. Motion carried. Public Comment:

Chair's Report:

  • Business & Finance Committee: Paul Stayback has a voting position on the B&F committee, because of his position as Executive Director of the ASCWU BOD. B&F Committee is not a signing authority, just review and recommending. This is a very large committee with 11 appointed positions and 8 ex-officio positions.
  • Guideline changes: Paul Stayback will attend the Provost's Council on November 1 to discuss the changes to the S&A guidelines regarding adding 1-2 students from satellite campuses and have some dialogue regarding changes to the guidelines after the S&A Committee approval.
  • Committee Designation: Paul will also follow-up with the Provost on S&A not being a committee and the ramifications regarding the RCWs identifying S&A as a committee.
  • The ASCWU BOD will be reviewing the S&A requests and sending their communication/recommendations to the S&A committee prior to voting on supplemental requests.

Supplemental or Base Funding Requests – Presentations:

Supplemental or Base Funding Requests to be voted on:

New Business:

Fiscal Training by Sharon Jonassen:
S&A fee is $231 per quarter or 9.83% of tuition with reductions from financial aid and tuition fee waiver leaving the S&A estimated amount at $222.91 per student per quarter in funds the committee has to work with this year.

This number could fluctuate with the number of students enrolled. (See the attached sheet for the specific breakdown.) Sharon and Ed Day continued to fielded questions from the committee on the process and pointing out possible concerns as we embark on hearing supplemental funding requests. It is felt that the suggested amount of $250,000 for supplemental requests is a conservative amount and several supplemental requests have already been submitted so the committee will have hard decisions to make.

Brad Nelson made a motion to allocate $250,000.00 in supplemental funds. Jason Leatherman seconded.

Amended MOTION:
Brad Nelson amended the motion to allocate $250,000.00 in supplemental funds and $300,000.00 allocated for the reserve. Jason Leatherman accepted the amended motion. Motion carried.

The Administration fee will be reviewed annually and currently the ASCWU BOD is waiting for an opinion from the Attorney General. The S&A supplemental requests will be reviewed by the Provost, and Business and Finance Committee with their recommendations to the President and Board of Trustees.

This is the third year of the four-year funding cycle and next year's S&A committee will be responsible for looking at the base funding for all providers and the tough decisions on funding each provider and by how much.

Review of timeline related to supplemental funding: The Provost and George Clark are aware of the difficulty in timing and will be meeting to figure out and decide how to move quickly through the process. Paul is going to follow up with the Provost and George Clark and S&A could possibly use the flex budget.

Review of the draft letter to Administration: Paul Stayback drafted a letter to the President, Board of Trustees and the CWU Administration voicing concerns with the difficulties to processing budgetary items in a timely manner and the willingness of the committee to work together for a solution. The letter also addressed the proposed change to no longer call S&A a committee, but the Washington RCW refers to it as a committee. The letter was revised by Scott Robinson and John Bowen. The committee decided to send the letter to President Gaudino and the CWU Administration, with copy to the Board of Trustees, signed by each voting student members and including a statement that it was also approved by faculty advisors.

Ahmed Almatrouk made a motion to approve the letter, as amended by John Bowen, adding a statement that the faculty advisors and students approve and have the letter signed by each voting student member. Jason Leatherman seconded. Motion carried.

the letter will be returned next week for final approval and signatures of the voting members.

Feedback regarding the TV broadcasting of S&A Committee meetings: It was reported that the cost is $25.00 an hour and it could be rebroadcast a couple of times during the week.

Brad Nelson made a motion to table the discussion until next week. Jason Leatherman seconded. Motion carried.

Discussion of Supplemental Requests: The committee discussed supplemental requests and individual philosophies on the funding of requests. It was stressed that requestors should be looking for other sources of funding and should meet with Sharon Jonassen to review their supplemental request for accuracy. The committee has not paid for food in the past, but after a supplemental amount is granted, the organization can use the money how they see fit, but if they come back and ask for new funding in the future, they may be frowned at for not follow the S&A committee's direction. The committee does not have to fully fund the requests, and the requestors should plan ahead and taken their request to the Academic Senate or the Club Senate before coming to the S&A Committee. The S&A guidelines offer 3 priorities for supplemental requests and we should look very seriously at these guidelines when deciding on funding. Every member needs to have their own questions, priorities, philosophy on spending funds—think about this as your own money and how it should be spent. There will be more questions as the requests are presented.

Other Business:
Paul Stayback is still looking to fill the committee and hopes they are approved by the next meeting.

Schedule of Next Meeting: Next meeting October 19, 2011 in SURC 301 starting at 5:30 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.