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Minutes - Nov 8, 2006

Attendance: David Boyd-Farmer, Adrian Elmo, Victoria Gutierrez, Jamese Johnson, Alexander Kobrianov, David Reynolds, Kathryn Ruth, Penglin Wang, Wendy Williams, Scott Robinson, Kevin Kimball, Jack Baker
Excused: Ed Day

Meeting called to order at: 5:05 PM

Additions and corrections for minutes on November 1, 2006

  • None

Approval of minutes from November 1, 2006

  • Scott Robinson moved to approve
  • Adrian Elmo seconded

All in favor
Motion passed

New Business:


Supplemental Request to be heard

  1. Youth Theatre Tour-Leslee Caul
    • Requesting for $7,830 to deliver the Youth Theatre Tour production to four of our CWU centers, Yakima, Wenatchee, Pierce County, and Des Moines
    • 8-10 students will be traveling to perform
    • Performance lasts 60 minutes
    • They will be performing for the CWU centers and the community
    • Valuable experience for the performing students
    • Reaches out to all of the other CWU students at the other centers
    • Already received money from the Provost to visit the centers in Lynnwood and Moses Lake
    • Received a grant
  2. Special Projects Coordinator Experience Empowerment Project- Katrina Whitney
    • Requesting $5,000 to fund a Special Projects Coordinator, a part time position, who oversees the development and implementation of the Experience Empowerment Project, Women's Achievement Celebration and Office assistant duties for the Empowerment Center
    • Dr. Tullos has agreed to fund half of the position, which is $5,000
    • This request will last till June 30, 2007
    • The coordinator will plan this years program
    • This years programs will include young boys as well as girls
    • The project is a two week long camp for boys and girls ages 12-15 years old
    • Goal is to develop and create a summer camp to educate and empower young women to critically evaluate and self develop skills to succeed in our global society
    • Look at gender and society issues and discuss what could be changed
    • There was a fee of $25 for each participant
    • Received $3,500 last year to fund the student staff during camp time
    • Applied for a couple of grants that were unsuccessful but will still continue to apply for them

Supplemental Requests to be voted on

  1. Westside Student Services request- Sheila Walton, Director
    • Alexander Kobrianov moved to approve full amount of $28,660 for the center on the Westside
    • Scott Robinson seconded
    • Discussion

All in favor
0 opposed
0 abstentions
Motion passed

Reports from the site visitation effort

  1. Kathryn Ruth- Publicity and Scheduling Center

    • Depends on revenue
    • Provide 1-3 summer internships for students
    • Equipment rentals
    • Schedule events on and off campus
    • Currently employ 16 student
  2. Scheduling

  3. Penglin Wang- CWU Theatre, Art

    CWU Theatre
    • Leslee Caul director
    • Lots of student involved in the shows
    • Perform shows for the students and community
    • Funding sources: CWU academic budget, ticket sales, S&A committee, Provost
    • If not funded: it decreases the educational value for the students, jeopardize the productions
    • Gallery for the students and by the students
    • Students exhibit their art work
    • Sources come from the S&A committee
    • If not funded, jeopardize the program

Policy discussion

  • Establish criteria for the committee and what the committee would like to see in the proposals
  • Discuss the idea of a base budget during this meeting, and the next meeting discuss another issue
  • Decide if there should be a base budget to fund all the entities that the committee allocates money to
  • Base budgets are for salaries and not for goods and services
  • If the committee gives a base budget, then they should write out a contract about their responsibilities and guidelines and the committee would look and see if they withhold their contract and then the committee would decide if they are still going to be funded
  • Come up with some guidelines about how the committee is going to fund supplemental requests and the priorities of the requests
  • Committee would like the entities coming in for supplemental requests to display who was involved, how many students were affected, how many students participated, the effectiveness of the event, how the money was used
  • Committee needs to make clear definition of what is considered an academic event or student activity, and if we can prove the reasons why the proposal looks to be academic then the committee will not fund it or decide if we will fund a certain amount of money only

For the good of the order

  • Jack Baker wants clarification from the committee about sending the S & A user group goals to all the entities that are funded
  • Committee wants the S & A user group goals sent out

Kathryn Ruth moved to adjourn meeting
Jamese Johnson seconded
All in favor
Motion passed

Meeting adjourned at: 6:40 PM


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