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Services and Activities

Minutes - Nov 2, 2005

Attendance: Brad Gay, Wendy Williams, Chris Casey, Penglin Wang, Kathryn Ruth, Ed Day, Catie Bellinger, Jack Baker

Meeting called to order at 5:10 p.m.

Reviewed Killian Report and RCWs -Margaret Smith

  • Informed the committee that they have the authority to spend money in any way within the regulations and must abide by the state RCW and WAC.

Money is used for student activities as outlined in the Killian Report guideline.
This committee is authorized by state statute.

Financial Update-Ed Day
Estimated S & A funds available $404,025
Money not used will be carried forward to next year
at least $300,000 is to be kept in budget for any thing that comes up during the year
The committee agreed that the policy related to year end reports is going to be enforced; a group must have a year-end report before a group can receive supplemental funding

Reviewed Policies & Procedures-Jack Baker
Mandatory attendance was pointed out
reviewed main points of P&P

The Committee selected Kathryn Ruth as Chair of the S&A committee for this year.

Future Business:
Supplemental Requests:
Diversity Education Center
Music Department
Toni Aronica requesting to fund a readership program

It was announced that Rob McGowan has resigned from the committee; the Provost will appoint a new faculty member.
Jack will provide an update of actions taken with the Off Campus Budget at our next meeting.

Meeting adjourned by Jack Baker at: 6:10

Next meeting will be November 9th at 5 PM in SUB 204-205