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Services and Activities

Minutes - Nov 18, 2009

Services and Activities Fee Committee

Minutes November 18, 2009

Meeting called to order:

Tyler Anderson, Chair, called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m. and attendance was taken.


Tyler Anderson, Jack Baker, Kiley Baker, Ed Day, Kay Kenison, Scott King, Pedro Navarrete, Brad Nelson, Scott Robinson, Keith James (BOD), Teri Willard and Wendy Williams. Note: Lauren Short resigned her position as Executive VP to the ASCWU BOD effective November 17, 2009-Keith James is representing the BOD.

Approval of Minutes:

Approval of the minutes from November 4, 2009: Pedro Navarrete moved to approve the minutes as submitted. Kiley Baker seconded. Motion carried. (2 abstention)

Public Comment:

Keith James announced the resignation of Lauren Short as Executive VP ASCWU Board of Directors and a member of the S&A Committee.

Supplemental Requests:

Marching Band Uniforms – Mark Lane, Assistant Director, presented the proposal for supplemental funds in the amount of $68,375-$91,500 to purchase Marching Band uniforms. The current uniforms were purchased in 1987 and have served the Marching Band for 23 years. Currently the uniforms are pinned and taped together to fit the 158 member Marching Band. This request is to purchase 225 new uniforms and rain jackets in a wide range of sizes to fit members now and in the future. It is anticipated that the life of the uniforms will be 20-25 years. The Marching Band performs at all the home football games and at the “Battle in Seattle” games and special events when asked. Currently many in the Marching Band are music majors and this experience provides learning aids for their future in the music education field. The Marching Band adds school spirit and pride to the general student population and also shows the “face” of CWU. The CWU athletics have no money or budget to help purchase uniforms. The new uniforms will not be taken home by students, but housed and maintained on campus, thus extending the life of the uniforms. If the request is not fully funded, they will look at lesser quality and not purchase the raincoats (which could lessen the life of the uniforms). The bid process could take 3 months and another 6 months for production of the uniforms. This vote will take place at the next S&A meeting.

A question was posed regarding the timing of the Board of Trustee (BOT) meeting and voting on the Marching Band uniforms. The next BOT meeting is December 4 and items would need to be approved tonight to be placed on their agenda. February 5 would be the next scheduled BOT meeting and concern was voiced if we waited the uniforms may not be available by next fall.

MOTION: Brad Nelson made a motion to move the Marching Band discussion and vote to “Other Business” on tonight’s agenda. Pedro Navarrete seconded. Motion carried. (8 yes, 1 no, 1 abstention)

Supplemental Request to be voted on:

Playoff tickets for students. The CWU football team has made it to the playoffs and NCAA rules do not allow free game tickets for students. Last week, Jack Baker polled the S&A members to see if they were in favor of approving $15,000 to provide tickets for students to attend the home playoff games. It is planned for $5,000 to be used for each game up to 3 games. If the tickets are not used, the funds will not be spent.

MOTION: Keith James made a motion to approve $15,000 from the SAEM Flex budget to pay for student tickets for the upcoming playoff games. Scott Robinson seconded. Motion carried. (All in favor.)

S&A Providers Reviews:

Jack Baker shared the proposed Program Review Meeting schedule to start in January 2010 for the in-depth review of S&A Providers.

MOTION: Scott King made a motion to approve the Program Review Meeting schedule as presented. Wendy William seconded. Motion carried. (All in favor.)

Jack Baker shared a draft of a list of questions to be sent in advance to be answered during the presentation. It was suggested to reword question #7 regarding the number of students served and to add a question asking if there was anything they would like to tell the committee. The wording on question #12 is confusing regarding what reports are needed; Jack will change to make it clearer. He also asked each committee member to send him 2 questions they would like answered by each program, these need to be sent to Jack before the next meeting in December. Jack will draft a cover letter explaining the process to the providers including what to expect and the standard questions.

Other Business:
Marching Band Supplemental Request to be voted on:

MOTION: Scott Robinson made a motion to table the vote until the next meeting to be able to discuss with others and follow the process of hearing a proposal and voting at the next meeting. Keith James seconded. Motion failed. (4 in favor, 4 no, 2 abstentions)

Discussion: Wendy Williams would like to vote tonight because of the timing of the BOT meeting and the length of time needed to complete the purchase of uniforms. Although the BOT has not denied S&A funding requests, there is always a possibility. Since the increase in the S&A fee, there are more funds to help organizations that benefit students and the Marching Band has been approaching the S&A Committee several years to request the purchase of new uniforms. S&A may be approached with other large requests to help fund areas as State money is reduced.

MOTION: Brad Nelson made a motion to approve supplemental funds up to $91,500 for uniforms and raincoats for the Marching Band. Kiley Baker seconded. Friendly Amendment: Wendy Williams made a friendly amendment to fund $75,000 for the Marching Band uniforms. Kiley Baker and Brad Nelson accepted the friendly amendment. After a short recess and further discussion, Wendy Williams withdrew her friendly amendment. Vote on the original motion: Motion failed. (1 in favor, 6 no, 3 abstentions)

Discussion: Scott Robinson thought it was important to cover the cost of raincoats to help preserve the uniforms.

Clarification: The bid process will take the lowest qualified bid, unless it can be argued that a higher bid provides better quality.

MOTION: Keith James made a motion to approve supplemental funding for $75,000 for Marching Band uniforms. Wendy Williams seconded. Motion carried. (9 in favor, 0 no, 1 abstention)

Cheerleaders: Jack Baker had a request from the Cheerleaders to come before the S&A Committee tonight to discuss funding for possible travel to the out-of-area playoff games but they canceled. Jack Baker wanted the committee to be aware of the possible request, if the playoffs continued and a need arose. He would use his Flex budget to assist with the travel expenses if approved by the committee by an email vote and all agreed with this method of approval for this specific request.

Observer: Jack Baker discussed with Michael Richard, business manager-Observer, to see if the Observer could help assess the value of S&A programs. Michael suggested the Marketing Department, who helped the Observer with surveys and focus groups, could be a possibility to explore. Michael is willing to come to a future S&A meeting to discuss what might be needed.

Update: Jack Baker has heard there may be several areas, Math Center, Writing Center, and Academic Advising, coming before S&A with sizeable requests as their state money is reduced. They may be looking for base funding, which will impact the S&A budget for the next 4 years. Scott reminded the committee to consider are these requests for survival or unfunded increases (new growth).


Schedule of Next Meeting: December 4, 2009 (No meeting: November 25-day before the holiday-no school)


Keith James moved to adjourn, Scott Robinson seconded. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.