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Minutes - Nov 17, 2004

Attendance: Emily von Jentzen, Keith Champagne, Tylene Carnell, Robert McGowan, Penglin Wang, James McDonald, Kevin Kimball, Derrick Peters, Thomas Whittlesey, Zack George, Jack Baker, Gina Allen

Excused: BobbyCummings

Absent: Buddy Aladino Keller

Meeting called to order at 5:06
  • Approval and corrections made to previous minutes
    • Spell Derrick correctly
    • Student selected to chair committee: Zack George
    Zack entertained motion to approve minutes as corrected
    Tylene made the motion
    Motion was second by Derrick
    Motion approved
  • Old Business:
    • Reserve Fund
      • Emergency repairs or operations on building
      • To pay bonds
    • Kevin made a motion to increase the fund balance from $500,000 to $700,000
    • Derrick second the motion
    • All in favor: Motion passes
  • New Business:
    • Keith Champagne- request for increases in wages for S&A positions related to CUPA scale
      • Wants to move the wages to the 35th percentile
      • Total request for $33,676
      • Robert McGowan made a motion to approve the request for increases in wages
      • Thomas second the motion
      • All in favor
      • One abstention
    • Allocation procedures and guidelines for University Centers
      • Requirement for requests- a general questionnaire should be put out to all University centers to get a breakdown of how the money will be used
    • The guidelines for allocation were discussed committee asked Jack to develop further and send out information to the Centers.
Zack entertained a motion to adjourn
James made the motion
Thomas second the motion
All in favor
Meeting adjourned at 6:35

Next meeting will be held on December 1

Minutes submitted by Gina Allen